Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Thinking of you

I am getting lazy at updating my blog.
Shyte..I must not be so. But at the moment, nothing much is going on that prompts me to feel excited to blog about. Plus the sucky internet line here makes uploading photos a total PAIN. Kills blogging mood. We're into the 3rd month of the year and I suddenly look back and smack myself for being so unproductive. Gosh, I hate that feeling. I should practice looking back at the things I DID do and smile. A quote which I heard recently that I feel is worth remembering:-

"Negative thoughts are like birds flying around your head. You cannot stop them from flying, but you CAN stop them from building a nest in your head."

*I forgot the person's name who said this*
The people who were on holiday previously are all slowly coming back to KL. So I am looking forward to seeing some long lost ones. In fact, I have already cari-ed Kar Ning and Jee Ying the other day (will blog about it another day) and am resolving to not be so lazy and make more plans to catch up with others. Bingo. Hope that works out.

Was at Louisa's place the previous day to 'cook' dinner and her cats have given birth. She has 3 kittens running about her place now; Nox, Chip and Dale. Does anyone want to adopt cute kitties??? Louisa's putting up Chip and Dale up for adoption because her place REALLY cannot contain them. Here's one of them :-

(Chip looks similar only more manja looking)

I absolutely adore kittens!!!They're still small enough to sit on my hands if I cup both of them together and balance them on. I really miss having pets. Anyway, if anyone is interested do drop me a word alright??

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