Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sour and Sweet

I currently have the room all to myself since my roomie has gone back to her hometown for the rest of the week. Hohohohoho... Okay, I don't even know why I'm laughing evilly. Not that I can do anything being alone in the room. Just that, for a change; I am on my own in the room.

Okay, I promised I'd blog about my outing with Kar Ning and Jee Ying. Kar Ning finally brought me to KTZ in SS2 where she has been saying that she MUST bring me for the tong sui there. I have to admit that she deserves a Hawaiian Wave from me for bringing her car down this sem with her. Haha!!! *Hawaiian Waves to Kar Ning* One day, I hope to be able to drive as hebat as her on the roads of KL.

So pictures from KTZ. It's a tiny little cafe, totally different from what I had expected. I kind of expected a road side stall (my bad) but nope, it was in a proper little shop. Hehe..they have quite an extensive menu and I couldn't help eye-ing the other tables around us because the food looked quite good:-

I ordered the Chicken Tom Yam Lei Fan. It was quite a disappointment to me because it was more sour than spicy. I guess people who can't take spicy would have liked it though because the soup was tasty. Just that I like my Tom Yam with some BOMB to it. But to be fair, the noodles were good.

Kar Ning had ordered the Dumpling Tom Yam Lei Fan and it was similiar to mine only hers had dumplings instead of chicken. She gave me one of her dumplings :-
It was yummy!!!I should have ditched the chicken and ordered dumplings.

Oh ya, the main highlight was actually the DESSERTS in KTZ. I was entreated to try the shaved-ice desserts and after some 'hmm'-ing and 'hah'-ing over the short list, I decided to share a Mango Loh with Yean Shan and a Black Sesame Cream for myself. Jee Ying ordered the Honeydew Loh and we shared them to get a taste:-
No pictures of the Black Sesame Cream because all the ones I snapped didn't look nice on screen and I don't want you screwing your faces and exclaiming, "OMG, you actually eat THAT??It looks like MUD..or TAR!" Yup, I always get that reaction when I order Black Sesame Cream. :( Poor, misunderstood dessert. It's so nice but unappreciated. =/ However, to those who like it, the one in KTZ is good!!! And quite cheap compared to other places where I've ordered it before. So do give it a try!!!

I was freaking full after that dinner. And to think we were all looking at our orders and wondering aloud whether it would be enough for us. Tip : never succumb to the urge to order more when you are HUNGRY. Everything on the menu looks good.

Alright, another food post.
So I guess it is only appropriate that I end with a food picture. I have ANOTHER new keychain. Haha!!!I guess keychains are all finding their way towards me. This time this one was a free gift that came with my Meiji Chocolates from Shojikiya. Yay-ness!!!

2 squeaked:

kenwooi said...

the tomyam looks nice.. but unfortunately i dont like tomyam.. haha.. and meiji chocs.. never heard of it before! =)

JoYce said...

Oo..I absolutely love tom yam. I have a thing for super spicy stuff. Haha!!! Well, Meiji is a Japanese brand. You can find them in any Shojikiya outlet. ;)

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