Wednesday, 10 March 2010

2 Days before last Sabbath

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHallelujah the pictures have finally finished uploading.
And I am all perked up to update; Spill Mode : ON. I was very busy during the weekend; running around. So now you get to find out where I was running around to.

My bro, Joshua, wanted a change from Sunway Pyramid so I decided to bring him to MidValley to do some shopping. Note; HE shopped. Not me. For a change. Haha!!! If anyone is wondering, I don't see my brother everyday even though we stay in the same hostel area (different apartment blocks) because we have our own class schedules and hang out with our friends. Basically different activities. But I do check on him once in a while. Maybe it sound rather negligent of me but we both agreed that it'd be rather weird if I knocked on his door everyday going "Josh..what did you do today??Did you get enough to eat??Anything to tell me??"Image Hosted by It's just not the way. Well, I will be the good big sister my way, thank you.Image Hosted by

Anyway, after Josh had bought the stuff he wanted (with moi as the consultant *ahem*), we walked around while waiting for my dinner buddies to appear. Michelle and Pui San showed up after their classes and we went to the top floor food court for dinner because I was dying for the Mr Teppanyaki there. I don't know about you but I find it rather strange that that food court has shops like Mr Teppanyaki and Pepper Lunch Express there when those two are actually franchises. Hmm...never mind. I got my Beef and Chicken Teppanyaki Set:-For your info, I only find the MidValley Mr Teppanyaki good. I've eaten at other franchises before and it all sucked. The reason for this is because the MidValley one's cook is really superb. You should go watch him cook and you will get what I mean. A little tip : ask for extra fried garlic when you order. It's heavenly.Image Hosted by


Pui San and I finally gave Marco's Pizza a try. We went to the Kelana Jaya branch for lunch. And it was whilst I was walking along the sidewalk of the Kelana Jaya bus stop that I stepped into this HOLE where an uneven tile was and I FELL DOWN. My goodness, it was so mortifying. The lady behind me helped me up and I kept replying, "I'm okay. Thank you. I'm alright. Thank you." to her concerned enquiries. ankle still hurts by the way. But anyway, back to Marco's Pizza.

Corleoni Regular
Pui San and I swore that we could taste a hint of alcohol in our pizza. In the end, I decided that it probably came from the cheese that they used. It was nice though.

Mushroom Chicken Cream PenneThis one was from the Kid's Menu. Haha!!
But the portion definitely was NOT kid size.

I think this place is waaaayyy nicer than Papa John's and costs less as well. Frankly, the last time I was in Papa John's, I was SAWING away at my pizza while at Marco's, we couldn't get enough of the thin-crust pizza which was just nice and crunchy and not too hard. Was freaking STUFFED after our meal. Definitely going back there again one day.Image Hosted by


This is turning into super long post. Hmm..have to leave out a small part for another time. But I really must tell you about the singer that performed during our City Harvest Saturday Night Service previously.She came as a special guest. Introducing:-

I won't pretend to know a lot about her but you can try Google-ing and Youtube-ing her. I was told she's making huge waves in Singapore. I was quite impressed with her performance because she had a really sweet voice and her general appearance was really fun and relaxed. I would call her the Asian Colbie Caillat. She sang her latest hit song 'Sunday Afternoon' for us. If you want to listen, her album 'Sunday Afternoon' is available for sale in City Harvest:-

Okay..I shall end my post here with a random picture from Jojo. I tried their 3-colour-coffee with their Traditional Pan Mee. Both turned out to be really good. I normally order their Lat Jiu Pan Mee with no drink but decided to give try something new the other day. Was not disappointed. Happiness..Image Hosted by

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kenwooi said...

makannnnnn arr! =D

JoYce said...

lol..that is one of the greatest joys in life. :D

kumfye said...

all about food...i cant tahan ad...i want go eattt!!!!

JoYce said...

i support your decision kumfye!!! :D

Samuel said...

too bad i missed that saturday night service... :(

JoYce said...

come for next week's one!!they're always fun. ;)

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