Sunday, 14 March 2010

Bahkugan with Benjamin

My parents came down to Subang 'unexpectedly' for the weekend, I say 'unexpectedly' because my dad had actually told me while we were chatting on msn, that they were coming down for the weekend but somehow conveyed the impression to me that they were coming down the next weekend. Haha!!! So imagine the mixture of surprise and pleasure I got on Saturday morning, when the first thing I heard was my phone ringing and my dad's voice saying, "We're reaching in an hour. See you alright."

And my phone rang a lot that day. I normally get more texts than calls. After my dad, Ben rang and we talked for a while. A little later in the afternoon, Pui San called and frantically reported she'd somehow managed to lock herself out of the room and could not get back to her room till night. I felt like such a bad friend when I told her I couldn't spend the day with her after all because my parents were here (that is why must always have plans!!). Sorry Pui San!!! After Pui San was Shyang, ringing to ask me to come to the side gate to collect something he had to pass to me to pass to my dad to pass to my uncle. And after that was a random call from an unknown number (it was CF) but I had to delay my appointment with them.

Anyway, we went to Pyramid (after Josh and I turned down my dad's suggestion of Bukit Bintang) where after a long series of selecting and negotiating; my dad bought my bro a new mobile!! :) (Finally...since his old one literally died on him). Say hello to the new member of the family :-

Sony Ericsson W995

Josh was pretty amused when I pointed out to him that my W705 looked like the 'hers' version of his phone. Since his was black and mine silver, and the W705 felt tinier and more fragile in the hands compared to his W995. Haha!! It turned into the joke of the afternoon. 'His' and 'hers' mobiles. Anyway if you don't get it, never mind...This is my darling W705 by the way:-
After we had our fill of Pyramid, we headed to Klang to my grandma's place. It was such a HOT afternoon. I was half dozing off when Uncle Alex and Yee-Yee appeared with their trio; Benjamin, Rachel and Daniel. Benjamin was carrying a new case with him which turned out to be his new Bahkugan set. I've heard of it before but never actually seen it. However, it caught my interest because the set looked so cute!!! See:-
Like miniature balls!!!
The middle card has a magnet inside it and when you throw the the Bahkugan-s (that's what the miniature balls are if I got my facts right) on it, they will unfurl from a ball into a little monster!!!
Okay..maybe I'm excited about the wrong aspect of the game. But I just find it real creativity. Hehe...So it pays to pay attention in science class when your teacher is teaching about magnets. :P I persuaded Ben to teach me how to play and I think I get the game. Hmm...I hope I will retain the knowledge to play with him again the next time I see him. :) It's fun when the younger ones include me in their activities.
Which reminds me of something.
Will someone teach me how to play with the Pokemon cards, Dragonmon cards and Harry Potter cards I have in my drawers back home??? I still have them. xD

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