Sunday, 21 March 2010

Mojitos and Peach Cheesecakes @ Pastis, The Gardens

WARNING : This is going to be another food-centered post. The blogger bears no responsibility for any hunger pangs that might arise from reading this post.

The above warning was actually for Jian Yao. Haha!!
Anyway, I discovered a new dining place in The Gardens. So by chance if any of you go to The Gardens, do drop by Pastis and check out their menu offerings. It is situated in front of Isetan on the ground floor. The price is surprisingly reasonable, more or less the same as Secret Recipe actually.

The reason we (including Pui San and Yean Shan) are drawn to the place was because of this banner they had put up:-
Their cake of the month at less than RM7 at promotion price. We peeked at their desserts display too before sitting and it all looked so yummy. The menu looks like one of those recipe books you buy to flip and drool over while all the time you know you'd probably never call up the effort to actually cook them. Haha!! I suggested we just eat lunch there since the setting of that place was so nice and cosy.
Pui San was looking at the drinks list and she was SO SO SO interested in one particular drink that we just told her to order it!!!It came first and actually made some heads at the other tables turn:-

Test-tube Virgin Mojitos

Looks totally cute yes??We didn't know what to expect even though there was a picture illustration. So after this arrived, rest assured, what you see in the menu is what you get. Nice. So, here is the size of the drinks in relative to my head:-

Haha!!The pink one is peach flavoured, the red one is raspberry flavoured and the white one is a lemony tinge with a hint of strawberry. Very very cooling. I wonder whether they would have been even more delicious if they were NOT virgin. :P

I ordered the Beef Pot Pie with Mash and Salad. Pui San ordered the same thing except she asked for lamb instead of beef because,according to her, she has been eating red meat the whole week??( lamb is not red meat??) So this is mine:-

Beef Pot Pie

Pui San
Yean Shan, with her incurable craving for meatballs, ordered the Spaghetti and Meatballs. Looks measly???Actually its the plate that is gigantic. Yean Shan was struggling to breathe after she had consumed all the spaghetti and meatballs.Oh ya, if you don't want such a heavy meal, some of them are available in Kid's Size. They are indicated by a little teddy at the side of the list. :)

Yean Shan

Oh ya, do you still remember the banner which drew us there in the first place?? Well, we ordered two of their Peach Cheesecakes to share and it was so heavenly:-
So so swoon-worthy...
Notice that the cake is like layered??
The crunchy crumble and the peach makes the perfect complement to the delicate, juicy layers of the cake. Mmmmm......I'm making myself swallow a few times now. ==

...I had a flashback of another cheesecake while eating that. The flashback was of a homemade cheesecake which I MUST get the recipe from my aunt and re-create it again!!!!

SzeHaw!!!!Are you reading this??!!!!

Alrighty, I am done with this post. Am so proud of myself for actually completing this on the same day I created this post. PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE will try to be more consistent in updating bloggie!!!



4 squeaked:

kumfye said...

the drink inside the test tube got alcohol one??? normally only can see this type of test tube drink in the club...they used it to served vodka + ribena...

JoYce said...

Hi kumfye. :)
Nope..the drinks were Virgin alcohol. Yup, normally in clubs and in longer test-tubes right??? But the ones in Pastis are really cooling. Go on a hot day and chill!! :D

the nat said...


I am so going to check this place out!

JoYce said...

Yes Nat!!!bring me along too next time!!! xDD

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