Monday, 12 April 2010

Cough no more

Ooh..since I have a proper camera with macro focus now; I can show you a clear picture of my tinted contacts. A little warning before you look at the following picture, you might turn into stone from looking into my eyes:-

Hazel contacts
Feel the ELECTRIC???BzzZZ!!!!Haha!!


Anyway, after my 8am class, Ben came to pick me up. He got us tickets for 'It's Complicated'. I'd wanted to watch it because I'm a Meryl Streep fan and the trailer seemed funny.

We had lunch in Pastis before our movie. This time instead of ordering ala carte, we ordered the set lunch, which includes a drink and dessert with the main course. Ben took the Chicken Penne with Pink Sauce while I had Pot Pie again only this time it was lamb. Pictures pictures:-

Ice lemon tea


(love the mash!!!)

After the movie, we wandered around aimlessly in The Gardens and MidValley until I randomly suggested that we go to IKEA and he actually went along with my randomness. Haha!! Once there, we noticed that there is a Paddington House of Pancakes in the Curve!! So since the tea-time promotion is available, we went and made ourselves comfortable there (we were the ONLY customers).

'Stack' of pancakes with bananas and strawberry sauce
Gah!!This was a total rip-off!!But I guess THREE pancakes on top of one another can still be called a stack????Should have stuck to "Pot of Gold".

The set came with a drink;we chose the flat white:-

In original state
Ben decided that it looked too evil so we worked together to give the foamy face a makeover. And after some swishes with a fork...

..the improved face.
(we carried out gender re-assignment too)Haha!!

We hung out there for quite some time playing with our food and games on Ben's iPod. It;s amazing, the things you can do with an iPod (forgive gadget-noob speaking here). I caused car accidents, I shot rabbits, I bounced lanterns and made little stick figures run a 100m race. Interesting much. Well, we had dinner at the dining place in IKEA where the absolute swoon-worthy meatballs:-


Fullness to the max. Next stop : The GYM.

4 squeaked:

ohmywtf said...

haha..i laughed out loud when i read about ur next stop: the gym. Was awed by how u ate non stop at so many diffent places! :-P

JoYce said...

Eating = one of the guilty pleasures in my life.
Of course, must balance it up with gym. ;)

Simple Indulgence said...

Make me hungry. hmnnn

JoYce said...

it's lunch time so time to eat!! xD

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