Friday, 25 January 2008

Driving Mania?

Firstly, Congrats to CHRYS and MICHELLE for passing their driving tests.. on their FIRST attempt too. Great work. *winks* (The congratulations may be a little late because Chrys passed on the14th while Michelle passed on the 21st...Nevertheless...)

Two new driving license holders on the road...WATCH OUT!!!
This time of the year seems to be the most popular time for people to take their driving lessons and subsequently; THE test. SPM leavers and college students on break I guess..

WARNING:Since there's a bit of a mania about getting behind the wheel;I shall take this opportunity to launch into a long,boring story about my driving experiences (yes..I got my license last March;I'm legal on the road OK). Just kidding.

There's nothing much to tell anyway.
I remember what my instructor said on the first lesson,

"Ive been teaching driving for over 11 years. Don't show me any new tricks."
I didn't.
The occasional near-misses,went into the wrong lane once,near crash,sudden braking,engine dying at the traffic lights,toppling those black-and-white striped poles. None of them were new to him apparently. So,when I passed on my first attempt,he must have been bored...until I asked him to give me those "P" stickers for my car.
Actually,I didn't ask.It went something like this (in Cantonese):-

Me,"Mister,are you gonna give me those "P" stickers?"
Him,"You have to buy them from the shops."
Me,"I thought they gave them to us after we pass."
Him,"Hmph,you're the first person who've ever thought of such a thing."
Me,".....So we don't get anything for passing?"
Him,"OK then,I actually have some. Here.(passes them to me) Take them."

Image Hosted by I still don't get why they don't just give them to us for free after we pass. I mean,they have those "approved sizes" thing about the stickers in the manual right??? Besides,we paid a bundle for the lessons plus the test(s).

Anyway,those 'free' stickers are residing on the left sides of my front and rear windows of my manual car. Yes,I drive what some people call 'shift sticks',auto cars are more preferred. long I can move around on my own,I don't give a damn.

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