Saturday, 12 January 2008


Another little girl is missing.
Sharlinie Mohd Nashar
,5 years old...
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The news has been making big waves. When I flipped through the newspaper today,there's a whole page dedicated to a poster of her.I shook my head at all the news articles and comments by readers;raging against the kidnapper,the safety of our nation and offering support to the parents.
There was a similar case last year;an 8 year-old-girl,Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, went missing and was later discovered sexually assaulted and murdered. Google this news if you want to know more.During that period,there was a flurry of articles,news reports,searches and comments;all focusing on Nurin and her family. I get the feeling that the same storm is cooking up this time again.

Lets be honest here...part of me felt sorry for Sharlinie's parents for the anxiety they're going through;the other part felt rather angry. The little girl went missing from a playground. The playground was 200 meters from her home. The only person with her at that time..was her 8-year-old sister. The impression I get is;two children went to a playground without an adult accompanying them. Since Nurin's case I would have thought that few parents would allow their children to even step foot outside the house alone.

Its very sad to think that all this could have been avoided if they had been supervised by an adult. I'm not trying to condemn anyone. There is also an article related to this case today; which is a comment from D. Raj.(click on it to read the article):-

It has some very good points which I totally agree with.

Anyway,I hope that this case will not end on a sad note. I also believe that this case is only one in a million;or probably even millions. Perhaps since Nurin's case we can expect a better performance in the handling of this missing-child case with such wide publicity. The world is an ugly place;and ALL of us,children,teens and adults MUST BE CAREFUL.

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