Wednesday, 2 January 2008


I once wrote an essay titled "My Best Friend". I have been blessed to have a group of close friends who accepted me as I am so I don't declare only ONE person as my BEST FRIEND. Anyway,I wrote about Louisa..This is how I described her:-
  • She's NOT stupid (I'd rather have a conversation with her than some people who score high marks in exams)
  • She's outgoing = CRAZY (She's got many eye-popping ideas that she actually considers putting into action...)
  • She likes a laugh (She can make me laugh and she can laugh at herself..Thats how I learn that we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously)
  • She's frustrating!!! (She chooses the worst times to be forgetful..I won't go into details)
  • She's generous (Seriously...I think I took advantage of her a few times..*guilty*)
I can go on and on but I think I'll leave it at that...
BOTTOM LINE = She's been really really great to me all those years in school.

Typical;all my friends have left Ipoh. And when they come back...I go outstation. (Its not deliberate..)
OK..quit the sad musings...Let me recall good times. Somehow,its hard for me to get a proper picture with Louisa!!!!There're ALWAYS bloopers!!!

And occasionally...some quite decent pictures (where we both don't look like we took more than our share of caffeine...)

Genting trip 2006
trying to look MAFIA...

Grad night...
Was sweltering until my smiles became fixed.

Hopefully this year I'll be seeing her more often...

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chrys said...

haha. that pic of you and louisa in the soldier uniform is so funny. i remember you said she looks like a man there

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