Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Food and Tea

I had an unexpected free period today (Tax class cancelled..*WooHoo!!*) So,my classmates and I had a 3 hour lunch break. Feeling rather full-of-freedom (we were supposed to have a full day's class from 9 to 5:30 p.m with only 1 hour lunch break at 1 p.m) I proposed that we all go to Jusco for lunch. Surprise,my idea was taken quite enthusiastically!! So 5 of us;me,Stephanie,Bavanee,Mei Theng and Shobana hopped into my car and headed there.

Our venue..Food & Tea Hong Kong.

The previous time I was there I didn't get to eat their cheese-baked rice (according to the waiter,the machine to bake the rice broke down..) so I already had in mind what to order. We seated ourselves in the nice red cushioned seats and were given menus.I was looking around for the list of sets on offer so I called a waiter over. The fellow in an apron was jogging over towards us when I remembered..they speak Mandarin.
OK,let me explain. The previous time we were there,there was a mix-up with our orders because all the serving staff spoke mainly Mandarin (perhaps the name of the place have something to do with their staff hiring??) and we (the people from non-Chinese schools who were more fluent in Cantonese) had to resort to pointing and hand-flapping to tell them the problem until Wei Quing arrived and saved us all.

Back to the present...
This time,we remembered that Mei Theng was with us;she was assigned translator. BUT..to teach us a lesson on not to judge others;the waiter could understand Cantonese. What a mud pie to the face....Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAnyway,the sets offers weren't offered until 12p.m so we prudent accountants decided to order an ice cream while waiting for the offer.


If you're raising your eyebrows..Its quite fun to have dessert first.Haha...Anyway,Mei Theng and Shobana weren't as stingy as us and decided to give the drinks there a go. Actually,Mei Theng was hungry and Shobana was vegetarian and the sets didn't offer much vegetarian-friendly fare (sorry Shobana...)

Come 12p.m..
Starters was mushroom soup. Then the main courses:-
CHEESE-BAKED pasta for Stephanie...

and CHEESE-BAKED rice for
Bavanee and me.

Iced "ying-yong" (coffee and tea) with herbal tea came with the sets. I couldn't finish the rice..the meal filled me up until bursting point.(Note:must not make this a regular occurance.Not healthy.) After eating,a tussle and mental arithmetic over the bill...we went for a long walk to help digest and rid the bloated feeling..
A free period well spent huh??? *LOL*

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