Sunday, 13 January 2008

The power of MAKE UP

Yours truly has been looking at these pictures below.
Would you recognize them if there weren't any "after" photos???:-

If you want to see more click here

Isn't it amazing what make up and airbrushing can do???
This not only applies to female celebrities,
but MALE ones as well!
So guys,don't shake your head and puff out your chests.
This has got me thinking...make-up artists make good money. Think..if we;the normal people,would spend on facial products to look good,how much would a celebrity pay?? (This is the money-minded side of me speaking *evil grins*)
Hmm...I'm seriously considering a part-time make-up course. The bonus is,you can also learn how to make yourself look good!!!

1 squeaked:

samantha said...

that's y im so in love with make up..
hahahaha.. how can one live without make up..aihz.. can turn ugly duckling like me to beautiful swan.

i'm just kidding.

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