Thursday, 3 January 2008


Oh...I forgot to mention that classes started on the 2nd. Which goes to prove CAT and ACCA students do not have the privilege of long holidays. When holiday seasons start for others,we're slaving over our books to face the exams. AND we start classes before other people's holidays end.


The weird thing is,I get totally BORED during the holidays. The first excitement over GETTING a break wears off very fast when you realise there's nothing much to do except eat,sleep,go online and the occasional outing with friends. Someone should write a book called "How to Not Get Bored During Your Break". I think the sales will be high.

So since I complain about being bored,you must be rolling your eyes and thinking,"This girl has got NO life to enjoy attending classes." No..I don't enjoy my classes and neither do I hate them. Attending classes is a duty to me as a student. HOWEVER,I do enjoy the company I have in the class;my classmates. I would enjoy the subject being taught if it was interesting (and preferably not too hard to understand) and even more so if the lecturer is fun.

Things didn't turn out the way I wanted with the arrangement of my classes and lecturers (those of you who know will understand what I'm talking about) but I guess I have to just accept and deal with it. Praying for patience this year..lots n LOTS.

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