Wednesday, 2 January 2008

!@#$%*& cable THIEVES!!!

Image Hosted by THANKS to cable thieves...My house (and several neighbours) got disconnected from the world for a few days.

OK..being a little over-dramatic here. But no phone line and no internet connection can be pretty tragic when you're stuck at home on New Year's Eve night,declining invitations from friends because your parents are too worried to let you out (wild parties,drinking and noise-making can lead to pretty terrible things...not that I will run wild or anything).

Anyway,yours truly is back online...
I hope this won't happen again. Dumb thieves...causing all these just to make a few bucks (actually,a lot of bucks...) from the metal scrap dealer. I don't care what makes them so desperate until they have to resort to stealing..but they risk their lives doing that (they can get FRIED if they get electrocuted). Is money really THAT crucial??

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