Friday, 11 January 2008

Trench Coats

I was web surfing the other day and I found these pictures of trench coats. Honestly;I think trench coats are so chic! Pair them with dark glasses and you get the look above. I'm a big fan of classy styles. Trench coats can be worn in so many ways. If you want to know more click here.
All these pictures below make me feel so regretful that I don't live in a country with 4 seasons.

Some people wear them like dresses like the picture here..-------------->
But I recently I noticed that they're being used more like coats. Hence the four-seasons dream. Imagine wearing that and walking around in our Malaysian weather (unless you have a high-flying career that involves going around in an air-conditioned limo and attending functions in 5 star hotels) High flying dreams..

This black one looks more like a bathrobe...
But very sleek.

Still,I think beige and white ones are the coolest!!!

I know...I know...
I don't normally go raving over clothes. But I'm allowed to rave..I'm a girl after all...hahahaha....

1 squeaked:

szehaw said...

nice nice... i wanna get 1 too. place it delicately in my closet and wait for few more years when im finally in a 4 season country then i'll take it out and show off. ahahaha!!

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