Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Christina's 19th

Miss Tan here has reached the last 'teen' year...
She requested a simple celebration...nothing big and Mr Davin took it upon himself to arrange a surprise little get-together.
Just 15 of us at Tea Time Cafe.

I think the plan was to just get Christina to promise to have lunch with a few of us..and sort of bring her into a place with the others all waiting.Nice and easy.

But things didn't go as planned.

Hence commenced a long story...
It started with Anna and Chris going off to Secret Recipe to have lunch.
And ended with two cars and 8 people invading Venga's house to pr
y the birthday girl away from the evil lures of the poker table (Joash and Sue Zhen were there too) and a very EVENTFUL drive to the cafe where there was a near 4 car pile-up thanks to SOMEBODY'S braking skills. (no names mentioned in this part)

Reached Cafe with no physical damage (human and car-wise).I suspect the place had only one chef and one waitress judging by the rate the orders were moving out of the kitchen. Several rounds of cards while waiting for our plates (mine didn't even arrive in the end) and hungover Venga was displaying his inner-child with the cards in his hand (Quote: Yay yay..I have two cards...)

Food picture:-

Everybody all smiles...
And somebody snapped this totally UNPREPARED picture:-

This was supposed to be a GIRLS ONLY shot!!!:-
Joash,Sue Zhen,Davin,Gerard,Sze Haw and I went to Venga's after that for a round of poker. Thanks to Joash we are all total Hold Em' addicts...Venga's MUM joined us and wiped us clean during the first round...SCARY!!!

Here's a nice shot to illustrate the game:-
Poker is fun...TOO fun.
By the way...I won in the end.
After they restarted a new round and put in money.

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