Friday, 21 March 2008

David Archuleta and Brooke White

OK... I've been a total die hard fan of American Idol ever since I stumbled across the show when Season 3 was showing (Fantasia won that year in case you're not sure which year I'm talking about). I've been trying to follow all the seasons as best as I could since I've got no Astro (sob sob)

I've been so loyal to it till my dad has got caught up with the 'Idol Fever' too. Sometimes,he's the one who reminds me to watch the episodes and makes me sms him the results if he happens to be out during the airing of the episode....

Anyway,I hope to see either of these faces amongst the Idol Hall of Fame.
They've got this really happy aura about them that seriously makes you smile when they appear on stage...*hahaha*

So..David and Brooke

GO GO GO!!!!!!!

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