Sunday, 9 March 2008

Poker,racism and IDIOTS

I admit.. I'm addicted to poker.Playing not only at the table but also online.

My luck went down recently though...

Its fun playing online because you get to play with people from different countries. run into really UGLY characters at the tables. Take today...I was at this table which was mostly made up of Singaporeans. The game was going smoothly when suddenly...a storm cooked up in the players' chat box.

[Luciano Linfa]: hi joyce
[Joyce Wong]: hello
[Luciano Linfa]: how are you ?
[Leslie Toh]: hi

[Luciano Linfa]: who call you leslie??

[Joyce Wong]: i'm having no luck with the cards

[Luciano Linfa]: thats the game

[Leslie Toh]: i am not talking 2u.....luciano
[Luciano Linfa]: Shut up chinesse

[Angelo Linfa]: jajajaja
[Leslie Toh]: talk **** u

[Joyce Wong]: calm down u two...
[Leslie Toh]: not gentleman at all

[Luciano Linfa]: who are you to be talking to me ??

[Joyce Wong]: Luciano...i'm chinese too..
[Leslie Toh]: racists
[Gavin Butler]: ley ho

[Joyce Wong]: tai ka ho
[Luciano Linfa]: yeah but you are a pretty chinese
[Gavin Butler]: thats all i know lol

[Luciano Linfa]: he looks like a crap
[Leslie Toh]: u too
[Joyce Wong]: don't talk like that pls.
[Joyce Wong]: lets all juz have fun in this game instead of snapping at each other
[Leslie Toh]: tats true

[Luciano Linfa]: yeah you rigth
[Leslie Toh]: still Joyce know chinese well
[Luciano Linfa]: but who call leslie ??
[Joyce Wong]: yea...n whoever has luck..pls pass some tis way.. :P
[Leslie Toh]: Hi stacy n yy
[Joyce Wong]: i meant i know chinese
[Joyce Wong]: but only the cantonese dialect
[Cheong Yew]: hi

[Leslie Toh]: look at the table its all chinese ok
[Luciano Linfa]: but where are you from ??
[Alvin Gay]: ni men hao!!
[Stacy Hong]: hi....
[Joyce Wong]: haha...
ur correct leslie
[Leslie Toh]: so pay some due respect to chinese too
[Stacy Hong]: ho yi si
[Leslie Toh]: hosei
[Alvin Gay]: onz
[Joyce Wong]: mandarin isn't good...
[Leslie Toh]: knn he scold chinese ppl
[Alvin Gay]: no problem joyce..
[Joyce Wong]: i'm guessing u all r
singapore chinese???
[Luciano Linfa]: What is that ????????????? Chinese invationn.......!
[Alvin Gay]: i am made in
[Leslie Toh]: we are all frds
[Joyce Wong]: ohhh...
[Joyce Wong]: luciano..isn't it spelled 'invasion'???
[Joyce Wong]: n where is venezuala???
[Joyce Wong]: my geography isn't good
[Leslie Toh]:
brazil lah
[Joyce Wong]: oh...malu only
[Leslie Toh]:
south america
[Luciano Linfa]: yea because you are a chinese!
[Luciano Linfa]: i can understand you
[Leslie Toh]: **** u luciano
[Joyce Wong]: racist???
[Leslie Toh]: dun tink u r smart
[Leslie Toh]: go to hell
[Luciano Linfa]: you first because you are a chinese!
[Joyce Wong]: need to fill the cbox with foul language
[Leslie Toh]: better go n sleep n c doctor
[Leslie Toh]: yay
[Luciano Linfa]: SHUT UP CHO SEUNG HUI
[Luciano Linfa]: hahahahahaha!
[Joyce Wong]: mou liu
[Qui Qiu]: udon't respect us... we make sure
[Luciano Linfa]: Yea nobody respect chinese people!
[Joyce Wong]: hey...i don't appreciate racism ok...

[Luciano Linfa]: and chinese people respect us ??
[Joyce Wong]: so pls dun insult us any further...
[Luciano Linfa]: NO THEY KILL US
[Luciano Linfa]: you want a example ???
[Luciano Linfa]: i can give one
[Leslie Toh]: u r the one who started all the racism

[Luciano Linfa]: CHO SEUNG HUI
[Joyce Wong]: did u get hurt personally by a chinese or wat???
[Joyce Wong]: even so...dun paint us all black juz cuz a few r bad..
[Joyce Wong]: it isn't fair and you know it.

[Luciano Linfa]: well sorry about that

[Luciano Linfa]: thats true
[Joyce Wong]: at least u get my point
[Leslie Toh]: tats sound better

[Joyce Wong]: ohh.he left

[Alvin Gay]: ha ha.. maybe he felt bad
[Leslie Toh]: alll kakilan liao

[Joyce Wong]: i wish racism din exist
[Leslie Toh]: me too
[Leslie Toh]: but in reality there will always be
[Joyce Wong]: its disgusting
[Joyce Wong]: i've friends frm different races
[Leslie Toh]: we all live in a country with multi races

This 'conversation' left me SPITTING MAD...I honestly don't like racism.I wasn't saying it to appear goody-goody or anything.I DO have friends who're different races and I HATE people who make fun of your name,background or skin colour.Its UNCIVILISED.

If you're racist...its time to change NOW. don't even realise you are.

Take a GOOD LOOK at YOURSELF before you start stamping on other people.

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