Thursday, 27 March 2008

Road BULLY!!!!!

I had a horrible experience on the road today.I've read about road bullies in the newspapers but I never actually expect to meet one because:-
1. This is IPOH. People here love their cars. They don't bang or scratch them on purpose.
2. I only drive from home to college,college to home and occasionally to JJ and other places.
3. The roads I use always have a steady flow of traffic. Road bullies can only do bullying on clear roads.
4. I almost never drive at night. Road bullies are mostly night creatures.

But THEN...
The IDIOT who tried to be FUNNY with me totally did NOT fit my image of a road bully.

He drove a small car.
Come on, I thought the fun of road bullying was driving a monstrous car,scaring smaller cars into submission and laughing at the poor victim,who dares not retaliate because HIS car will come off worst since its the smaller car.

Anyway,the fellow (lets call him Encik Mabuk) drove a Kancil. I noticed it at the traffic light because it was pretty hard to miss. A little car;painted a powder blue,with darkly tinted windows (aren't they illegal??),modified engine, and bright logo stickers on the glass and on the car body itself. And it was with this car,the fellow chose to pick on me,in my Saga.

I have no idea what I did to offend En. Mabuk. I'm going to cut a long story short so that I won't bore those of you whom I've already told the incident to. Basically,it was NOT fun to have En. Mabuk blocking my way on purpose,cutting me at close range and then slowing down to tail-gate me,blaring his horn at intervals and ended the whole disgusting act with a grand finale of driving up next to my car,winding down his window and shouting at me. I couldn't hear him but I could see his lips and expression. If I were a road bully,I would have winded down MY window and treated him to a feast of my choicest swear words...except,I am NOT a road bully and I don't have choice swear words. I was just SCARED.

He would not have even ended it at all if Bavanee had not chosen that time to call me to ask me where I was. Maybe he thought I was calling the police when I lifted my mobile to my ear and talked quite agitatedly. I can't tell you how relieved I was when he finally pulled away from me and headed into a different lane. Hell of a good riddance.

I guess I'm lucky that I suffered no physical damage (human and car-wise). I arrived at college in a pretty shaky composure. I had to explain to a few people what happened because I was rather late.

"I was chased by a road bully"

And here was Talvin and Abel's reaction:

Is the fellow alright??

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