Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Retail Therapy in Penang

The shiny,squeaky clean floor tiles of Gurney Plaza and QueensBay Mall has b
een pounded by our feet. We can never get enough of Retail Therapy. Quoting Christina:-

We got style but ain't got no cash
This day trip to Penang was SUPPOSED to be a visit to the British Council. But since the exhibition was in G Hotel RIGHT NEXT TO GURNEY PLAZA....you can guess where we spent most of our time (there was nothing to buy in Gurney damnit!!!!) Only during the last half an hour,Nasiha (a.k.a Nanas / Nasi ...) cam flying towards us and demanded that we (Sze Haw,Christina,Anna and Wei Quing and I ) hurry to the exhibition and do some survey to get free gifts. I know...Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Picture here taken in the RESTROOM where the wallpapering was so NICE. (ha

When you finish the computer-based survey,you get to put your hand in this black box and you grope around...and suddenly!!!A mouthful of sharp teeth clamps around your wrist!!!It takes a death grip on your arm!!!Blood oozes out and you withdraw a bleeding stump from the box;yelling and screaming!!!...OK OK..I'll tell the real story.You take out a small plastic ball with a number and you go to the present counter to collect you gift
according to the number.Nasiha wanted this flask for hot water and she got a backpack instead. Her intention was to make all of us try for a free flask..but we all got backpacks except Sze Haw. And Sze Haw wouldn't exchange with Nasiha. The result was Nasiha screaming and grumbling all the way from Gurney Plaza to QueensBay.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

If QueensBay was the Queen of Malls...Ipoh JJ is probably the maid who washes the laundry. Due to the fact we had SO LITTLE TIME and SO MANY GORGEOUS THINGS TO SEE..We were basically running from one store to another to try on stuff. First stop was Quicksilver where Sze Haw bought her longed-for flip flops. I helped her choose!!!*wink wink*

Next,Forever 21...where we basically turned the changing room into a circus. Imagine 6 girls popping in and out of the changing rooms..each time in a different outfits a
nd asking each each other if it looks good AT THE SAME TIME. Bought this orange top in the end...Converse came next...I had planned to get a new pair of sneakers from there..but it seems I've no 'jodoh' with Converse. Size 5 is too small for me and size 6 is too loose. What a tragedy. Never mind..not buying Converse = more money to spend on clothes.

I so LOVE F.O.S.!!!got two tops from there at total bargain price.
I think I can't fit the whole excursion in this post and I won't even attempt it. We didn't have enough TIME and were like whirlwinds..running (literally) from shop to shop. My favourite stop was at ALDO there I saw : My OBSESSION...

Didn't buy any though. Even with discount the price was 3 figures and so on...Perfect eye-candy though.3 hours is SO NOT enough to truly soak up the QueensBay shopping.

Some pictures while waiting for the bus to bring us home.
Notice the label on the yellow plastic bags...*hehehe*

Salutes to Wei Quing...our new 'che mui'...

Journey back was pretty fun. Got to know the January CAT students. We seemed to laugh all the way back thanks to some lame-arse jokes (Gerard's fake RM1 note) and some hilarious demonstrations (ask Nasiha). Nasiha has a new nickname = TakSihat. She's gonna kill me if she reads this...

Well,I'm stone BROKE for the rest of the month but its totally WORTH IT!!

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