Sunday, 2 March 2008

French Toast

Sorry people... I've been shamefully neglecting my blog.So I'll do my best to fill in what I've been up to recently.


I made French toast the previous Sunday.Nothing fancy..just basic ones.
I've got a confession to make..I've been eating French toast since I was like 3 and I only found out last year that it's called French toast..Image Hosted by

I was never good with names though...haha..
Anyway,french toast is easy to make.All you need are eggs,milk,flour,and of course..bread.Normally I eat French toast with butter,jam or even maple syrup;so I don't put sugar into the mixture.

Unless you're a fan of the really crusty type of French toast,two eggs will be sufficient for a medium loaf.Break the eggs into a mixing bowl and beat them.(I wonder how many people actually knows how to beat an egg properly with a fork..)

Add flour and milk to the eggs until you get a consistency you like..

You can even add some vanilla essence to make it smell good...

Next,cut the bread into half. Or if you're really can try cutting them into shapes like hearts or something.In my case,I like triangles..because I always think toast is triangle in shape.(okok... -___- just randomly telling you stuff I think)

Then,get a non-stick pan (a mighty genius invention) and get it heating on the stove with some oil drizzled in it...Just don't overdo the oil part or you'll have oil spattering everywhere in the nest step...
Dip the pieces of bread in the mixture and put it into the pan.
And *eureka* French toast is served...

Yesh..I know.
My presentation isn't 5-star quality..but it was good..

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