Tuesday, 1 September 2009

2009 Merdeka Eve Part 1

As I am waiting for Michelle to send me her camera pictures, I shall fill you guys in on my Merdeka Eve. Part 1. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My first time spending Merdeka in Subang,away from home. I vaguely remember past 30th and 31st August-s being spent with family. This year, I decided not to go back to Ipoh for Merdeka because I KNOW I'd be stuck in a mass traffic jam on the highway with the typical Malaysian holiday rush to 'balik kampung' on public holidays.I told my parents I would come back for the weekend AFTER Merdeka.

Re: My previous post.
It was an invite to the Merdeka Countdown in Mist Club.
Pui San also got the invite so we invited Michelle and Yean Shan to go with us, and since it only starts at night, heck, we decided to meet for dinner and THEN after that head to The Mist.But you will have to wait till I post Part 2 to hear about it.For now, let me tell you about dinner = FOOD!!!

We met up in Bangsar Village. My first time there since I always prefer MidValley MegaMall when I am in that area. Michelle suggested we eat at Delicious. GOOD CHOICE!!!!Image Hosted by ImageShack.us I've read nice reviews and heard people praising the food and even more so, the desserts. Although being not very economical to a student's purse....we had to eat something nice right since we went all the way there and there was cause to celebrate. *guilty guilty*

The food there was totally swoon-worthy!!!!
Make sure you drool when you scroll down!!!
 My Classic Beef Lasagna

 Pui San's Spicy (something) Sea Bass

Michelle's Green Chicken Curry
 Yean Shan's Seafood Spaghetti

Not only A++ for presentation but add a STAR for taste!!!
We were sampling each other's food, 'Mmm"-ing, "Ahh"-ing" ,"Wow"-ing, snapping pictures and laughing until I noticed the two foreigners sitting at the next table were looking at us curiously. Or maybe they were just jealous because their food had not arrived..Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Main course in our tummies, dessert came:-

Lemon Meringue Pie and Chocolate Cake
This Chocolate Cake defines the word SINFUL.....
Very well named. And I would like to add I was impressed with their waitresses. They were highly efficient and totally pro. We ordered based on their recommendations and they really knew the menu like the back of their hand. I don't know about you but when I go out to eat, whether I recommend them or not also depends on the workers there.
(They even gave us free chocolate with the bill.Sweet parting.Haha!!!)
Okay...this wraps up Part 1.
Coming up next:-
Part 2
Sneak Preview picture!!!

Stay with me...
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