Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Peking Duck at Canton Fare, Mont Kiara

Phew...finally finished resizing and uploading all these photos.
Yea, I resize my photos because the oh-so-fast hostel line is just great for uploading photos.

(Hmm..this is going to be another food centered post. Goodness...Joyce has to go on a diet!!!)

I believe we all had a nice long weekend thanks to the Raya holidays. My Tuesday class was cancelled because it is illegal to have classes on public holidays. My family came down from Ipoh and spent the weekend in Klang. And as usual when they come to pick me up, we drop by Sunway Pyramid and eat and shop shop shop before heading to Klang.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My Yee-Yee finally got her wish of belanja-ing my Mummy at Canton Fare.
Yup, Canton Fare. Its a Chinese fine dining restaurant which is opened by my Yee's boss. The one which my aunt frequents is located in Mont Kiara, among the shop lots around SoHo KL. Its my second visit and this time I took PICTURES!!!
*applause please!!!!*Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I call this place fine dining because the interior is very beautifully decorated in the Chinese style. Ming vases, antique pieces and the nice lighting combined with the red walls and tablecloths make everything seem all red and gold. The auspicious Chinese colours. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And my favourite among all the decors are the nice wood carving decorations:-
There are a good many of them along the walls.
All the decorations were specially flown in from China (inside info from my Yee).
Okay, enough about the decorations. Its a restaurant, so what is most important is the FOOD. Feast your eyes on my superb lunch that day:-

Its fried crabstick. Very nice.
(I still can't figure out how to fry crabstick until its crunchy like this.)

The highlight dish
Peking Duck!!!

This Peking Duck sells out really fast in Canton Fare. We got this duck through pre-order. Otherwise we'd end up staring at other tables' ducks. You must be wondering what's so special about this duck. Actually, its the way they serve it. You see a whole roasted duck in the picture right??
The waitress will carve (is that the right term??) the skin from the duck..
Yup, the skin. The tasty, crunchy roasted skin which is juicy from the roast and contains all the marinated duck flavour.

And there's some meat with the skin for those who find the skin only a bit too much:-

You can either eat it straight as it is or alternatively:-

Popiah style!!!

We got a huge duck so there was enough skin to go around. Now for the other dishes...

Chef's recommendation:
Canton Fare 'siew yoke' and 'char siew'
The char siew is a must try!!! Seriously, I think I could have finished that whole plate myself. The meat was so tender and juicy. Ahhhhh....pork never tasted so good!!!

(This isn't edible but couldn't resist putting up this photo.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us)
The duck earlier now served with some yummy lemon sauce dip.
You can actually ask for the duck meat to be cooked in other ways like stir fry with veggies but my Yee preferred to enjoy it as it is..Next:

Deep fried prawns with salted egg
They were literally gone in seconds. You can see chopsticks spearing them in the picture right???I don't really like salted egg but this dish was SUPERB!!

Some vegetables to go with all the meat...

And steamed FISH with special soy sauce
I swear that fresh fish tastes the best when it is cooked this way. Soft, smooth white meat. I could have eaten the whole fish. Hehe!!!

The dishes all came in good timing. Not like some restaurants where you can grow 10 foot long fingernails while waiting for the food to arrive. Very good service from the staff there. *thumbs up*. We were so stuffed after eating so we moved around a bit and looked around. And since no other patrons were there with us in the upstairs dining area, my family were like posing for the camera with the decor:-

My mum's new past time.Hehe.

And me with Yoong Yoong

......don't ask.

Oohh...and we ordered a few desserts. My aunt wanted my Mummy to try them. I like Canton Fare's mango desserts. Like the Mango Pudding and the Mango Sago here:-

And this is yam dessert.
Not really my thing because I like my desserts cold.
But I did steal the ginkos off it because noone else wanted it.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


We went to 1 Utama after eating to walk away the bloated feeling. I didn't know we were going to there else I would have brought more sensible shoes then the heels I was wearing. Thank goodness I didn't wear the 3.5 inches. =.=

Didn't do much there. But I did find this really nice top in Forever 21. And Yoong found this really cute skirt which I think she should SOOOO get. See:-

What do you think???

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kenwooi said...

the ambiance of the place looks nice..
and the food looks delicious.. =)


MEI THENG said...

that f21 top looks good on you!

Anonymous said...

it taste good . thanks for the review. going to try out this with my worthy book vouchers next monday.

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