Friday, 4 September 2009

Nuffnang: Hip Hop Fest & Merdeka Countdown in Mist Club

This makes my post on 2009 Merdeka Eve Part 2 which overlaps to Merdeka Day too.Image Hosted by

After our delicious dinner in Delicious (man...I like saying that!!), Michelle's dad offered to send us all to Mist Club so that he'd know where to pick her up from after the event was over. I was kind of nervous when we got into the car because I have never been to the Mist before and even with the extensive research on Google Map (yes, I was THAT nervous) I wasn't very sure where it was. I only knew it was near the NSTP Building and along Jalan Riong. But thank goodness, Mist Club don't do things halfway. They had a signboard pointing us towards it and we got there no problem. (Michelle,your dad is really good natured!!!Thank you Uncle!!)

Mist Club
We had planned to go early to collect the free drinks given to the first 30 bloggers who collected their invites. Well, guess what?? We were the earliest there!!!We thought there would be like many people who would go early since the free voucher was good for any house pour or soft drink but there was literally no one in sight. 'Malu'-ness. There were only a few staff milling around but there was no sight of a Nuffnang ticket collection booth. We started to wonder if we were at the right place at the wrong time.Image Hosted by First time going to club and also first time at a Nuffnang event. A bit jittery. But the huge banner at the entrance reassured us:-

No mistake. Phew.
Never fear, we didn't waste our time while waiting.
Out came all our cameras and trusty camera-equipped mobiles.Image Hosted by

Girls in green

Left: My phone cam Right: Michelle's cam
(I just have to accept my camera phone is compromised in poor lighting.Image Hosted by )

I believe this is my first picture ever with my roomie Yean Shan!!!!

Sweet picture.Image Hosted by

People were starting to show up and waiting outside even though the doors were already open. meaning they were Nuffnangers waiting for the booth to open as well. Actually we could have just walked in because entry for ladies before 11pm was free. A tribute to kiasu-ness, we waited because of the free drink voucher. Haha!! And since we were the earliest, we were first in line and of course we got the voucher!!Image Hosted by ImageShack.usPui San and I collected two entrance passes and 2 vouchers each. Yean Shan and Michelle went in as our guests. Finally...with these babies in our hands, the night has begun...
Thank you Nuffnang!!!

The interior of Mist isn't as big as I have seen in pictures but it was alright. The waiter showed us to a table instead of the cushy sofas there because we didn't have a reservation. It was still fairly empty at that time so we asked the nice guy sitting at the next table to help us snap a picture with all of us in it while we wait for our drinks to arrive.

Ta Da!!!!

(I seriously LOVE this picture!!!)

The light there were seriously flashing and dazzling. Strobe-like. Pui San ended up couldn't take it and kept blinking when we took pictures because the camera flashes made everything too much. Haha!!! Oh, then our drinks arrived.

A toast to Nuffnang and a great night out!!!
The DJs spinning that night were really heated things up. But I only got into the mood when the two girls Yasmin and Aisyah appeared on stage. Wow...they really knew how to work a crowd. I was particularly impressed by the performance by Sleeq where they had some really good B-Boys dancing alongside them. I think my brother would have really enjoyed the free-styling they were doing at one point in the the background. Random pic of the stage:-
(The pictures of the stage aren't many and not very nice so I won't put them up)

It really was a great night. Although the Merdeka countdown lasted like 20 seconds (=.=) and I was kind of expecting streamers and stuff but they didn't have that. Well, I think everyone (us included) really really had the greatest night!!! More pictures pictures pictures!!!

I'm so glad Pui San and I managed to drag them both along!!!!!

I wish I have skyscraper heels to tower over everyone. HAHA!!!

Poooooosing with our drinks

Michelle!!!We should meet up more often!!!

Great night!!!

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