Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Move the spotlight

Hey guys, if you wanna see really nice pictures of T-Music Festival, click here. :)
Since I have already posted about T-Music Festival, its time other things take stage.

Has anyone been to Carey Island before????
I know, you must be asking, "Been WHERE...??" Carey Island is near Banting and is a great place for seafood.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us My aunt and uncle stumbled upon it and they decided to bring my Yee Ma's family and me there for dinner. It was last weekend when I missed my train back to Ipoh and spent the weekend in Klang instead. Anyway, the dinner was also a late birthday celebration for my aunt. We went to see the sunset on the beach before we went to the restaurant for seafood. Some pictures:-

Me trying out posing before the sunset.*hehe*

And little Daniel doing his 'Superman' pose

Another thing...I cut my fringe. For the first time in 10 years, I, Joyce Wong, have a short fringe. It was a spur of a moment decision. I'm still not used to my look now. I have to actually comb my hair now...more than once a day!!!!
Arrrrggghhh!!!!I regret it!!!
My mum said it looks nice because I look like when I was younger (like I did in primary school =.=). Some friends say I look more Japanese now (since when do I look Japanese lah????).Sze Haw wants my old hairstyle back. What do you think???
*Consolation to self: My hair grows like a weed so it'll be back to normal soon.

Oh, Yoong also got her fringe cut and I think it really really suits her. Makes her look so cute:-

(I MADE her do that kawaii pose for me. HAHA!!!)

My mummy came down to spend Sunday with me before her meeting in Putrajaya on Monday. Did some shopping and had a great time. So happy.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us I have to wait till my family comes down for Raya this weekend to get the pictures from Mummy's camera. Till then.

Please forgive me if this blog is silent during weekdays because classes really take up my time and you really don't want to hear me blog about the long hours of nose grinding. Ahhh...the beauty of ACCA...

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