Monday, 7 September 2009

Dumb dumb case

I've been glancing through some blogs and it seems that a lot of people (those who're studying away from home) went home for this long weekend. But I am not in Ipoh.


I was supposed to go back to Ipoh. I even bought the tickets like weeks ago. But guess what? I did the dumbest thing I think I have ever done in my life. I misread the time on the ticket and ended up missing the train back. When I think back how on the few times I took out the ticket and looked at it. I still don't understand how in the WORLD I managed to misread the time so many times. At the moment when I realised I missed the train, I fully appreciated the saying of wanting to 'kick myself'.

Sorry Papa, Mummy and Joshua.
I know you must be disappointed. I really wanted to come back. I really wanted to kick Joshua out of my room again and get updates from Mummy about the garden, and talk Papa into bringing me to go here,go there to eat. *BIG SIGH*

But God is good to me despite me being so dumb. If not home in Ipoh, I have another place to go to, so I'm spending this long weekend with my Yee Ma in Klang. I know this post is emo to the maximum but I'm not having a bad time. Thanks to all my friends who showed concern. Love you all.

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