Monday, 14 September 2009

T-Music Festival was so hot!!!

Like literally....

Even by my standards (I perspire easily) it was so hot in the Bukit Jalil Stadium that I gave up on fanning myself with the handy brochures I was given and just let it pour!!!
I finally got to hold the tickets that I won from Nuffnang!!Sze Haw collected them from the office for me. Behold our Golden Tickets to our Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory!!!

One for SzeHaw.One for Shyang.One for Jack.
One for ME!!!

Thank goodness our tickets were for numbered seating. I can't imagine fighting with the mass crowd there who I guess were waiting to get in early to grab the best place for their free-seating tickets.Our seats were pretty good. Third row from the stage albeit a little to the side. No complains because we had a good view of the stage.Image Hosted by

Actually, cameras were not allowed but Sze Haw's bro managed to bring in her camera for her. I can't wait for her to give me the pictures, so the pictures I'm gonna show are from my mobile (no zoom,no focus).

We had to walk down so many steps to get to our seats.
A picture of the stage while it was still light for me to snap nice pictures:-

Our seats were in FRONT of the seats reserved for the media.

Waiting waiting waiting for the show to start.

Image Hosted by

Honestly, I don't listen to Chinese songs much. Perhaps the odd soundtrack from my favourite TVB dramas or songs which my friends or roommate play . But there were songs performed that night even I have heard before and one or two English ones were belted out for the crowd to sing along with. Nice.Okay...some of the best pictures of the night.

This guy is the old host of the 'Ho Chiak' show on 8TV!!!
I had no idea he could sing!!!!

Kelvin Tan
(love his voice,love his guitar playing)

It finally got dark enough for SzeHaw and Jack to light their sabers
and have Star Wars fights with them with poor me in the middle....

(they made a really cool entrance and the guys so HANDSOME!!)

We were sitting behind a group of Power Station fans and they screamed so loud my ears rang.

I officially declare Thai male singers sizzling HOT!!!!
James did a really really good job on stage and he totally worked the crowd. Stage presence pro!!So MAN!!!And Chin (also from Thailand) is so leng chai!!!Actually the part where he impressed me the most is when he was just starting his performance, and there was a loud *BOOM* and the mic went off and the lights went out. Chin acted really professional and cool, started posing for pictures on the stage right where he was standing. The crowd LOVED that.

The blackout was no joke though...the VIP tent caught fire and we were like in darkness for about 20 minutes plus. The hosts were doing their best to pacify a frustrated crowd with a hailer (couldn't hear them). Technical problems.
'Potong stim'....

But the lights came back on in the end and I think the fire or whatever it was was put out (could smell smoke)...

The show must go on....

(lazy to upload more pictures)

Justin Lo was one of my favourites because I have heard his songs from Sze Haw's constant playing on her laptop. And also, Manhand (local group) deserves a BIG HAND. They really made us Malaysians proud with their performance on stage. The crowd went wild for them. *Cheers!!!!* And then the grand finale of the night:-


I was seriously anticipating her appearance on stage. Very very nice end to an awesome night to hear her sing my favourite song from her, "See Me Fly". Its now stuck in my head and I'm playing it for the 13th time (iTunes counted for me).

Image Hosted by

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Anonymous said...

hey..ya,i agree wit u.. Soler n chin are damn hot..they r frenly,chin likes to act chickly but he's just adorable..mind sharing sum pics wit me?? like chin n soler,kenny kwan,justin, joey and david tao?? can reply me at if possible..hope to hear frm u soon. thanks.. by d way,justin is cute too.. XD

J Generation said...

halo halo~~ visiting here~~

I was there too in T Music Festival~ hoho

PINJUN said...

aww...u went the t music festival huh?must be vv come u can owiz get free tix from nuffnang one? =/

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