Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Having no line SUCKS!!

You would have thought since I pay (or rather, my parents pay) RM450 a month for a twin sharing room with no air-con,no washing machine and sharing bathrooms; at least the internet provided would be decent. But NOOOOOOO.....it is slow and actually temperamental! Its slow and only on rare occasions fast. I can put up with slow...but I cannot put up with NO LINE. Its not the first time this has happened. There will suddenly be no line and no explanation for it!!!

Seriously annoying.
I only managed to connect today and I have like lost my mood to update nicely. Grr...

Scratch that. I'm not in a good mood.
A series of unfortunate events happened yesterday. First, my slipper straps broke while I was in the bus and I had to walk barefoot all the way to Padini to get a new pair of footwear. Next, my hostel keys went missing. Missing from my room!!! And no, I have not been careless. I clearly remember coming home with them because I opened the front door AND the room door with them. Plus I have a witness. My roomie clearly remember see-ing me open the door. I have not gone out since and now my keys have gone missing!!!Its a PAIN!!!! I've triple searched everywhere!!!!My room,bed,cupboards,kitchen,bathroom, even the dustbins!!!! Nothing!

I have to go and complain to the management now and I might face a fine for it. My bigger worry is WHO TOOK THE KEYS???? Its a scary thought that someone (only an insider could have done this) has my keys and can anytime use them to access my apartment and room. There is a possibility I left it on the common room table and the cleaner took it. That is the reason why I want to report. Its really S&^*&@#!!!!!!!!!!!

See...I know I am really in a bad mood when I write a ranting post.
God please help me.

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