Tuesday, 8 September 2009

T-Music Festival here I come!!!

Nuffnang is giving out 40 pairs of tickets to the T-Music Festival happening in Bukit Jalil Stadium this Saturday. The tickets are worth RM168 each!!!Thats like the second most expensive tickets available!!!!!The tickets will go people who write the best slogan to complete "T-Music Festival will be a blast because..." in no more than 15 words!!!

Sze Haw asked me to give the slogan writing a try because she and her brother want to go. Ehem...so we brainstormed on msn for like almost an hour and finally came up with slogans to submit.So here were our slogans:-
And guess what???
We both actually won the tickets!!!!I checked my inbox today and saw this e-mail from Nuffnang!!!WEEEEE!!!!!!!

Not that I listen to Chinese artists a lot but I do know who Joey Yung and David Tao are and I'm excited!!!!T-Music Festival....I'm coming!!!!!!!!!!!

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Uncle Lee said...

Hi Joyce, congratulations! Nice blog. You have a great time and have a pleasant week, keep a song in your heart, Lee.

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