Thursday, 4 February 2010

Faith, Strength and Compassion...

*Blink blink*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAnd that sums up almost one week of abandoning my poor bloggie.
I must not be so lazy...
This week has sum it up with one word : EXHAUSTING Image Hosted by

As usual I sat in class from 8a.m. to 3p.m. and I managed to concentrate on the lectures until the last hour where I was desperately chewing gum and drinking water in a futile attempt to stay awake. I was so wiped out when I reached my room I dropped on the bed and slept for about an hour when Louisa's phone call woke me up. She was asking me to go for gym with her so I took my stuff and walked to Pyramid; yawning the whole way. Surprisingly, the gym session refreshed me and I felt more awake after the 2 hour workout instead of exhausted like I expected.Image Hosted by

When I got back from gym, I went for dinner with Abel where he spent almost the whole time trying to persuade me to go for Freshies' Night. No, I am no freshie; but it was open to all and Abel was convincing me that I should go. In the end, I went. I was given 10 minutes to get ready (just threw on a dress and changed slippers) and I headed to the big hall with him. It wasn't very exciting but we were there more to cheer for Emily, who was taking part in the performance. We exit-ed as soon as they opened the dance floor. I was so tired by then.

I woke up late but managed to make it in time for class. I was not in a good mood and I knew I was in for a bad day when, halfway through P3 class, I realised that I lost my purse. It was a seriously 'WTF' moment there. I was running around college retracing my steps and asking the people who were around me to help recall things. Near tears and was thinking of all the hassle I would have to go through since my I.C., driving license and ATM card was in the purse. Now that I think back, I didn't even bother to think about the cash inside the purse.

Nat was text-ing me during that time and I told her what happened. She told me to stop and pray about it for a while. I hid myself in the washroom, cried and prayed. And miraculously, everything fell into place after that.I went to find my last hope, my lecturer. He was teaching a class at that time and I had to interrupt his class and tell him what happened. There were two guys sitting in front which I barely knew, and they were listening intently and suddenly asked me, "You're Joyce right??I saw your student ID stuck in the cafeteria cashier." I ran to the cafeteria and THANK GOD, I recovered my purse from the nice lady there. Everything was intact. I honestly don't know how I even lost my purse because I didn't even go near that area but no matter, I was thankful for the anonymous person who had handed in the purse to the cashier. When I told Nat about it, she said what I was thinking, "The power of prayer!!Now you can celebrate!!God is good!!"

Thank you to the various other people who were so supportive when I was so frantic at that time. Truly you are good friends to me.

Ben had made me do a speed-test on the hostel internet connection. And according the results that I gave him, he told me that Sunway Apartment's internet line is FIVE TIMES slower than the line in McDonalds and about 3 times slower than his Streamyx at home. Here are the results from :-
So I was not exaggerating when I was complaining about the lousy connection here. Hah!!!

Abel suddenly woke me up in the morning and told me Hugo was in KL with his girlfriend, Adeline along with Kirsten, Joanna and Kenneth. I went for breakfast-turned-brunch with them in Orange (of all places..*sigh*) and walked around Pyramid with Joanna for a while since the others all went to Sunway Lagoon. Really random much since they didn't tell me in advance they were coming.

I woke up from a very restless sleep to attend my P7 class and I had to pinch myself a few times to make myself concentrate during class. I seem to not be sleeping well recently and it's doing nothing for my complexion since Shanti told me I look ill. Maybe it's something to so with me not combing my hair and wearing black (makes me look pale). But anyway, I was alright after eating a light lunch. The reason for a light lunch was because I was 'fasting' for a very sumptuous dinner/supper at Jogoya, Starhill Gallery.

Yup, a last minute suggestion by Emily since it was promotion period and it was nearing Chinese New Year. A bunch of us Ipoh Mali-s consisting of 7 guys and 4 girls packed into two cars and headed to Bukit Bintang at 8:30pm for the 9:40 p.m. buffet. Ben also came along despite my last minute cajoling and made us a round dozen. Due to some wrong turnings, we reached there late and only started eating at 10 something. This time I didn't stuffed myself to oblivion and concentrated on the oysters, sashimi, and Haagen Daz ice-creams available and was very satisfied after we finished. Didn't bother to take any pictures since there was a lack of time (we were shoo-ed out at midnight) and I found Jogoya not as interesting as it appeared to be the first time. Nevertheless, it was fun to eat with a group of friends. Good fellowship I would say.Image Hosted by

Well, I am back in my room, feeling at peace with the world with the good food and no class for tomorrow. Despite feeling like I have a major hangover due to the lack of sleep the past few days, I am happy. Busy busy busy happening days. I still like it. Image Hosted by

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