Monday, 22 February 2010


This was me at 1:16 p.m. yesterday, 22nd February 2010 :-

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I was waiting in front of my laptop and alternately refreshing the ACCAGlobal website and my Hotmail account to see if I had received my results for the December 2009 ACCA Examination Session. As soon as the link popped up for me to check my results I quickly keyed in my !D and password. I got in the first try. So my results are:-
As I had sort of anticipated. So I am okay with it. Just feeling rather knotted up since I STILL have to face P2 Corporate Reporting. Sigh-ness. But anyway, this has become somewhat a routine for us ACCA students.

Congratulations to those who have managed to clear their papers. I am happy for you. And also special congratulations to my friends who have cleared their last papers and will be graduating!! :)

To those who were disappointed with theirs, I'm sorry and I understand how it feels (I've been there) but this is not the end. We'll try harder together. Keep your chin up!!! :)

Now, to prepare for June 2010 battle session.

Charming no??

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