Thursday, 25 February 2010

Food from the Sea (and Land)

How come time can sometimes seem to be on fast forward and then suddenly on play-by-play where everything seems so s.l.o.w. . . . ?? I think I am emo-ing. Urgh.

Yours truly has been having some bowel issues the past few days (advice : stay off yogurt drinks ) and had been a frequent visitor of the bathroom at odd hours. Fun. Not. Anyway, nothing much to blog about college since I'm pretty sure noone is interested to read my detailed description of my lecture topics and the half grim, half euphoric mood that has settled over the ACCA students of Sunway since results day.

So, in order not to bore you and to entertain myself, I am making this ANOTHER food post. Oh yes, for all you people who live to eat, you are totally my type of people. My aunt brought my family to this seafood restaurant in Klang (Chee Leong area if I am not mistaken) last week and I thought I just had to recommend them. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIt was my third time there and it seems to be packed full each time we're there, no matter weekdays, weekends or holidays. Fortunately, we got a table and our orders were quickly written down by the lady boss. Okay, though it IS a seafood restaurant, we only ordered one seafood dish for the night; Ham Dan Hai (Salted Egg Crab), which is their highlight dish:-

I don't really like salted egg but somehow when its cooked like this with seafood, I can get addicted!! High cholesterol much!!!

Yummy crab meat..

Other than the crab we also had...

Gu Lou Yok (Sweet and Sour Stir Fried Pork)

Marmite Pork Ribs
The pork ribs were surprisingly good and didn't really taste like Marmite. Pretty interesting dish that one.

Herbal Kampung Chicken

Hmm..I think there were other dishes but I didn't take the pictures. Too busy eating. But anyway, One last picture from that night. The remnants of my portion of crab:-
Actually there was more, but didn't look pretty. :P


I guess after a year plus, I have developed a sort of feeling of normality towards staying away from home. I no longer feel that terrible homesickness; don't get me wrong, I do miss home and my family and friends in Ipoh, but I don't get that heart-wrenching, stinging feeling of wanting to go home anymore. I do miss those college days in Ipoh but I never regret coming to Subang. Sigh-ness. Talk about wanting the best of both worlds.

I am missing someone. You know who you are.Image Hosted by

Let me end with something random. Louisa's colleague (now fired and become her ex-colleague) came back from Germany (I think I got the facts right) and gave her some German chocolates; and Louisa shared them with me. Some wafer thingy and Kinder Beuno sweets??

Oh oh, and she gave me another keychain!!!:-
A mini little windmill.
But now I don't want to hang it because I have a feeling it will break. Will just put it on my desk and admire for time being. Image Hosted by

3 squeaked:

kenwooi said...

crab.. yum yum =)

kumfye said...

i just had salted egg crab ytd was awesome...i dun like salted egg one..but the fusion made me finger licking good..

crab + salted egg = very very high cholestrol

JoYce said...

@ kenwooi
Yea...thats the word. YUM YUM!!

Yea..i know right??I don't like salted egg too but its addictive with the crab. Never mind about the cholestrol..once in a while. LOL!! :P

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