Sunday, 14 February 2010

CNY so far

Yes, Happy Chinese New Year to all who are celebrating and also a Happy Valentine's Day. It has been a real BUSY three days for me since I reached Ipoh; and only now I have the time to sit down in front of my lappie and update.

I feel that CNY this year really came like a Tiger. Just crept up without you noticing and (ROAR!!); it is upon you. But this year I am IN the CNY mood and my mood was lifted up more when I came HOME and saw the decors that my Mummy had put around the house, which includes the two stuffed tigers in the picture above that I graffiti-ed. Image Hosted by

I must eat at least 10 of these before I go back to Subang!!! :- I HEART mandarin oranges

And Mummy bought a new bunch of my favourite PUSSY-WILLOWS for the hall:-
I have this thing for pussy-willows (don't ask).

Anyway, my family decided to do Reunion Dinner a bit differently this year. Instead of the usual 3 tables in a restaurant; this year's 'Tiun Lin Fan' was a potluck at my grandparents' place. So each family brought something yummy and combined it to make a feast in the packed kitchen.

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

It was still a TIGHT squeeze even with those two extra folding tables opened up. Haha!!!And we took turns tossing the 'Yee Sang' because there was just not enough space for all those elbows.Image Hosted by
Pictures of the 'Yee Sang' (It is home-made by my aunty by the way.Image Hosted by :-

And after all the food...MORE food to do family bonding over:-
We could have taken some beer but I don't have the taste for it.

My uncles taught us a new card game called "Gin Rummy" (pronounced jin-ra-mi) and it turned into THE card game of this CNY instead of the classic "Chor Dai Di" and Poker. Anyone else know how to play this???Come play with me...I'm hooked on it.HAHA!!!

On the morning of Chor Yatt (First Day), my parents woke me up super early and we were having a very hilarious photo session before going over to my grandparents' place. I love my family!!!!

My 'loot' from the first day:-


I have to stop my post here and continue in the next one.
Plenty of pictures ahead!!!
Stay with me.


3 squeaked:

kenwooi said...

having fun eh.. haha.. happy CNY! and bring some mandarin oranges back to Subang la.. =)

JoYce said...

same to u!!!hope ur having fun!! :D
yesss...I shall bring some my tummy!!! :P

Himmat Singh said...

Happy CNY mayte.

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