Sunday, 7 February 2010

Makan Day Out!!!

Pui San was back in town and she wanted to spend Sunday with me in Bukit Bintang.
Between the both of us, we roped in Ben to join us and took him on a day of gluttony indulgence.Image Hosted by Haha!!! So prepare for a food filled post!!!! Actually we meant to go see if there were any nice stuff to pick up in Sungei Wang since CNY is around the corner and I have barely done any CNY shopping; but since it was sooooo crowded we kinda lost the shopping penchant.Image Hosted by

I missed the bus which Pui San was on and had to take a different bus to KL Central and meet her at the monorail station instead. Once we reached Times Square, Pui San dragged me to expresSOUP to while the time while waiting for Ben, who was late. Hehe..
Apparently it was featured in some review and Pui San just HAD to try their Soup in Bread. Meaning they actually serve their soup in bowls carved out of 'fresh farmers' bread'..

Choice of 5 different soups available:-
We decided on the Clam Chowder and it was good. The portion looked small but it was actually very filling. We amused ourselves by cutting the sides off and dipping into soup when the soup level got lower and lower.Image Hosted by

When Ben finally arrived we walked to Pavillion and scouted around before settling on Grandmama's as our lunch venue. The food there was pretty good and we had nice time tucking into our food and eavesdropping on the couple at the next table because they were having a pretty audible conversation about 'life'. I think the three of us drew some attention to ourselves by snapping snapping at our food with our picture-taking devices (camera and mobile).Image Hosted by




After lunch we walked around Pavillion and looked around the shops there, but there was nothing to buy.Image Hosted by But hey, guess what??? Snowflake has a branch in Pavillion!!! And since Ben has never tried it before Pui San and I dragged him there for his first bowl of Snowflake dessert. I personally don't like the new Styrofoam bowls which Snowflake has replaced their black plastic bowls with. Makes it look kind of cheap.Image Hosted by But I guess as long as the contents of the bowl still taste as good it doesn't matter much???

After freezing our mouths, we decided to head to Sungei Wang. On the way out we stopped by The Loaf for Pui San and Ben to buy some bread while I swooned over all the baked goodies that were on display. I must really buy this to try ONE DAY!!!:-
We actually walked around from one end to another, floor by floor until we were tired of the crowd there. So we headed back to Times Square for a drink to relieve my parched throat and talked and talked until it was dinner-time. Ber-bonding time much. Haha!!!

Dinner was at Murni; Pui San was all out for it because she has never been there before. Ben the driver actually drove us all to the SS2 branch but it was overflowing with a hungry crowd and it looked like we were going to have to wait until the sky turns pitch-black before we could sit down and be served. Fortunately, one of the workers there was giving out maps with directions to Murni 2 in Sunway Mas. It didn't take much to cajole Ben to go there. Thank goodness we didn't decide to stay at the SS2 branch because the other Murni was quite empty compared to the first one. We had no problem getting a good table and were soon served.

For anyone who goes to Murni, I would recommend these two must-haves!!:-

Mango Special

Roti Hawaii (beef)
Pui San and I ordered the Mango Special while Ben had the Watermelon Special. Huge drinks they were. I've always thought of Murni's drinks as desserts in a cup more than drinks.Image Hosted by

Well, other than the ones above; these were on our table:-

Roti Cheese

Mee Raja Tom Yam

There was a Roti Seafood too which Ben refused to touch (You're missing out on life, Ben!!!) but I forgot to take pictures. Haha!!! The three of us actually shared everything so that we get to taste everything. The Roti Cheese was the only one the three of us didn't take to much but otherwise, it was very satisfying and filling dinner (bloated max).

We were all quite drowsy after all the food. Pui San, the ever random one suddenly suggested we go play pool opposite her house. So the three of us went and played three rounds before finally calling an official end to our outing for the day.Image Hosted by

I love my friends.
Image Hosted by

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