Saturday, 20 February 2010

Men of Steel

I had a candle-light dinner the other day.
But unfortunately, it was not the typical candle-light dinner scene at a table of two which you're probably constructing with your imagination at the moment. This one was a totally different one all together due the sudden power outage in my grandma's house while we were all just about to have dinner.Image Hosted by

Anyway, to escape the unbearable heat we all set out for AEON Bukit Tinggi to kill time while waiting for TNB to sort out the power outage. And it was whilst I was there, I got to watch this rather interesting performance by a group of men. Normally when I pass by stages set up in the middle of the mall with a gaping crowd, I will look for about 5 seconds and continue walking. But this one got my interest a bit because they were doing something pretty dangerous : bending hard objects with their necks alone. I saw a similar performance in China some years back. I was holding my own neck when I was watching the one in China; so I decided to share the neck prickling with you guys and took some pictures:-

They had thick poles of bamboo with them and they were balancing it between them with their necks:-

1, 2 , 3...


They actually held that position for almost a minute.

And you would have thought they'd be tired after bending the hard bamboo. But noooo, one of them took out a STEEL pole next:-

Asking the crowd to confirm that it was 100% steel:-



I think most of the crowd were holding their necks while watching. I was busy snapping snapping pictures (Sorry for the inconsistent quality since I had to pick out the clearer ones and adjust the lighting in some cases) and I heard a woman remarking, "Lucky we do something safer for a living!!". Amen to that.Image Hosted by


Oh ya, random picture to end this post.

My aunt and Mum made me snap this Valntine's decor in the mall because it is so similar to the ones in Cafe World during V Week. Haha!!! My apologies if you don't speak Cafe World!!!Image Hosted by

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