Friday, 5 February 2010

Fame could have been better...

We had our cell group outing and decided to watch Fame.Since it was a sort of a remake of the old one, I expected to be impressed with some good vocals and fantastic choreography. However I was kind of disappointed. When the credits suddenly appeared, Yean Shan's exclamation of "HAH??Like that only ah????" summed up my feelings about the whole movie. It was kind of monotonous throughout the movie and I felt kind of emo throughout the whole time. No humour nor any climax or any suspense. Though it got rather interesting during the final act but it ended too abruptly...I felt so sleepy after the movie.

I think I'm better off watching Glee. :P

Anyway, since I have finished all 13 episodes of Glee I'm currently working my way through Beyond the Realms of Conscience (Gong Sam Gai).I know I am slow lah...but the cast consist of my favourite TVB actors and actresses. Loving the costumes and the settings... :)

Short random post for now while I work on the rest.
Stay with me!!!

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