Sunday, 4 April 2010

Little bites of pleasure

I woke up this morning thinking about sushi for some reason. And it actually turned into a craving that I was very tempted to text Yean Shan (who was in Pyramid for lunch) to buy back a tray of Jusco sushi for my lunch (they actually taste pretty good!!). But before I could make up my mind, I got a text from Yean Shan :"Hey da sushi inside da fridge is yrs.."
For half a minute I was digesting that and wondering if I had actually unconsciously told her to get me sushi sometime before she went out?? So I went to the fridge and looked around and came across this:-
Wahh!!I was expecting like a tray of 6 or something but that was so MUCH. And furthermore, all consisting of my favourite SALMON. I double-checked with Yean Shan to make sure that I wasn't stealing someone else's food and it turns out that the tray was the result of her and Pui San's over-ordering in the Sakae Sushi Buffet the previous evening. I tucked in and it was pretty good. Still fresh since she had sealed it tightly in the box AND with a plastic bag around the box. Many thanks, Yean Shan.

I went for City Harvest's Easter Production : The Final Solution, 5:30pm service. Stanley came and picked us up an HOUR early and there was STILL a long line ahead of us. It's actually my second time going to watch since I went for the Friday one with Ben, but Abel asked me to come since he was bringing his contacts for Saturday.

The drama was good. Though I was so NOT used to seeing Nat play the evil, vengeful woman in the character. Haha!!After the drama, we (over 20 of us CG members with contacts) went to Pappa Rich for dinner. After the tray of raw fishes on rice and seaweed, I did not feel like eating and just settled for the Organic Soya Milk with Black Sesame Ice-cream:-

The ice-cream was SO GOOOOOOD!!!

It was fortunate in a way I didn't eat dinner because Jee Kit suddenly suggested going to Jalan Ipoh for dim sum after dinner for fellowship. It was while eating dim sum there that I realise I really REALLY REALLY MISS IPOH FOOD!!! ARGHHH!!!! And I was doing so well not craving for random things like ngau lam fun and sek kei ma.

To take my mind of Ipoh food, I shall compensate by posting pictures of the Dolsot Bibimbap I had in Da Sa Rang with Ben the other day.:-


Complimentary side dishes again (no scallops this time)


2 squeaked:

the nat said...

haha! i also had craving for japanese food the last few days. ate japanese food for two nights in a row.. yums!

and yesssss... i was the EVIL, VENGEFUL WOMAN in the drama... but always the KIND, ANGEL in real life ;) wahahahahhaa...

JoYce said...

High 5 nat!!!Japanese food rock!!!!Weeeee!!!!!!!!!

Hahah!!!!*ehem* Ok la..yes, a kind ANGEL who can laugh super EVILLY. HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH!!! :P

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