Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Motion Sickness Wastes!!!

I got tickets to the premier screening of Charlie St. Cloud; can't remember whether I got the invitation myself or Pui San gave them to me. If any of you out there are wondering why I'm always getting premier tickets; WELL, I don't just get them. I do work for them, as in take the time to check out magazines (like Time Out KL and Female Magazine) and the Nuffnang blog for the contests and I join them. I use brain power to think up creative comments and slogans and write blog posts, and if the organisers think that I deserve them, I get them. And another factor is having a boyfriend who also participates and wins tickets. If I win, I bring him; if he wins, he brings me. :) Oh, and occasionally, Pui San will have free tickets for me.

Back to the story, so I had two tickets and since the screening was in GSC 1 Utama, Ben brought me to my all time favourite mamak for dinner; Murni Discovery in Aman Suria. It's my favourite branch among all the Murni-s!!

My Ribena Special

My Mee Raja Tom Yam

His Roti Hawaii
The last time I went there with W31, the Mee Raja's portion was small so I thought I could finish it. But that day, it was a HUMONGOUS portion. Even with Ben's help, I was so stuffed that I felt rather ill. And it didn't help that Ben was talking on the phone while looking for parking in 1 Utama. I'm a person who is prone to motion sickness, i.e; I get headaches if I read in the car, and somehow the car movements made me so giddy. The unhappy ending to that was, as soon as the car was parked, I rushed to the toilet and hurled my nice dinner out. Gave Ben such a shock. Sorry dear. =/

I felt better after that though, thank goodness. So we went and collected our tickets for Charlie St. Cloud. Got a nice surprise that the premier tickets were nicely printed. However it was free seating meaning we had to rush in for good seats.

Our tickets

Since time was tight, we went to Theobrama Chocolate Lounge, one of the nearest, where Ben and I shared a Chocolate Fudge Cake. I'd wanted the vanilla sundae but the 1 Utama branch doesn't have that. So sad..but the cake was nice.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

We had to wait a bit before the cinema was open, so I bought some 'Salted Popcorn' which I saw being sold at the snacks booth. It's supposed to be healthy but I don't really think so since it was so salty and popcorn has a lot of butter in it anyway.
I had expected the movie to be all about displaying Zac Efron's good looks/manliness since I read somewhere that this movie is supposed to be his break out from the boyish, high school heart-throb image which has always been his stamp from his High School Musical days. Well, it was sort of what I expected. A lot of close ups of him (I have to admit he does have very nice eyes..and hair) and AGAIN his role is the popular guy in school at the movie beginning. And he can see ghosts...or rather, only ghosts of people he knows that died and have not moved on???? The storyline is rather illogical and not very developed. But surprisingly though, I found myself watching quite interestedly throughout the movie because the storyline is the type that you just know and can guess the ending but you watch because you want to see how the story gets to that ending. There was some humour inserted here and there but I still felt like the whole thing was pointless once it reached the ending. So weird. Sorry Zac Efron, I just cannot take you seriously in the role of a MAN and a cemetery caretaker. Maybe in a few more years??? For now, stick to playing popular college frat boy.

Anyway, go watch it only if you're a Zac Efron die-hard fan. Otherwise, you'll come out of the cinema with raised eyebrows just like I did.

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