Monday, 27 September 2010

Cake Mania & Eat, Pray, Love

I cajoled Ben into going to Empire Subang the other day. I was keen to explore more with him after my satisfying trip with Pui San. My main target was to check out the desserts which are available in variety from the cluster of shops there.

First, we went to Whisk and tried their best selling Red Velvet Cake, as per stated on the signboard outside the little cafe. Ben wasn't very impressed with the icing work on the cake but after the first bite, he proclaimed that he liked the icing better than the cake itself. Talk about not judging food by its looks. =.=

Red Velvet Cake

I personally didn't find the cake very impressive. It tasted rather like a normal butter cake with liberal red colouring. But the icing was very nice. It was a pity the cake wasn't layered with the icing like a traditional Red Velvet Cake would be like; else there would be more of the yummy icing.

Since I wasn't feeling the high I usually feel from desserts, Ben suggested we go to the shop opposite and see if the cakes there would deliver a more impressive taste. So we seated ourselves in Serai and ordered their Tiramisu, since their acclaimed Berry Pavlova wasn't available.

My favourite bit, the abundant caramelised WALNUTS!!!
Even so though, I think the cake could do with more coffee in it as it wasn't moist enough like a Tiramisu Cake should be. It would really have been perfect if soaked with coffee liquor because the cake texture and cream were both good. Aww man...looks like the cakes didn't blow us away.

After eating, we walked around to take in the sights in Empire and I showed Ben the 4 storey slide which I'd noticed last time. Apparently it's the dubbed as the tallest indoor spiral tube slide by the Malaysian Book of Records.
Woooo....I'd love to go for a spin in there.

It wasn't open yet, so we decided to head home. Before that, we went back to Whisk and bought their specialty macarons for Ben and his sisters to try.

Multi-coloured macarons!!!

We had tickets to the premier screening of Eat, Pray, Love that night, so we headed back to Sunway Pyramid and had dinner in Sushi Zanmai. I revealed the hidden pathway to the Sushi Zanmai in Sunway Pyramid to Ben for the first time; and he was pretty speechless about how less chaotic the Sushi Zanmai in Pyramid is compared to the one in The Gardens. Hehe!!

Soft Shelled Crab Maki

After dinner, we met up with Louisa, Afnan, Abel, Vemal, Jane and Pui San in GSC so that I could give them the tickets. The tickets were wins from Female Magazine Malaysia and I was the 'tickets-keeper'. We filled up an entire row in the cinema. Haha!! Asha was supposed to come to but she got held back at work. =(

I have not read the book yet so I'll have to be on the fence about the exclamations of, "The book is better than the movie." About the movie, it was just alright. It was interesting to see the various different settings since the story revolves around Julia Roberts as a traveling woman in the quest of self discovery. There were some very funny scenes where the supporting cast delivered their roles excellently. However, I found the flow of the movie somewhat bumpy since the story sometimes jumped from one scene to another too suddenly and I couldn't really connect the scenes as they appear. I also couldn't really feel the emotions which the main characters were trying to project too, which made me feel slightly bored. Overall, just an okay movie for me. My advice is not to go in with any expectations of the movie.

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