Friday, 29 February 2008

Cable-less week...AGAIN!!

If you look in the January archives of my blog'll see one that goes !@#$$% Cable Thieves!!!
. History has repeated itself.

You've probably read in newspapers about people who steal the cables (those metal 'strings' that hang from post to post) and sell them to metal scrap companies because of the rising price of metal. It happened to me and my whole neighbour-hood.
Being cut off from the world (internet service) was NOT fun..Image Hosted by

I wish you luck on your next excursion because Zeus himself is going to smile on you and send one of his lightning bolts (and perhaps two or three or four...) to remind you of his presence. Don't forget it's rainy this week. Also,Demeter(Mother Earth) herself might trigger a friendly earthquake to say hello. Not very advisable to be balancing on a rusty,long ladder and holding active lines while the Greek Gods are smiling on you.


I didn't have a chance to finish my previous post and post it up before the lines got stolen. So I didn't intentionally rise from a week's absence to write a sort-of emo post.

Anyway,classes started this week. Its been pretty hectic and we all had our Pengajian Malaysia test. This is how I looked like during the different stages of the test:-

BEFORE:Image Hosted by
DURING:Image Hosted by
AFTER:Image Hosted by

I was SO prepared and sat there simply scribbling random stuff which I recall about the Japanese occupying Malaya and Malayan Union blackmailing the Malay Kings. History makes me go into 'I-don't-give-a-damn' mode.

Its already going to be the third month of the year. And my classmate, Shobana is going to leave us because her family is moving away. *sob sob* I've got to come up with a few ideas for a farewell party for her over the weekend...Any ideas??? I'm not the most exciting person when it comes to parties..*SIGH*

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The damsel of no distress. said...

Ok.. hahaha. Pengajian Malaysia hasn't changed a bit. Just that during our time, we reacted differently. Us being the largest class in college, we all brought our laptops in, sat at the back and surf the net and used friendster. It was so much fun. We even had MSN. So we could talk to each other from one end of the table to the other.

And if the lecturer got pissed at us, we took our handphones out to play Quadrapop.

And I still scored an A :D

samantha said...

chill la babe.

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