Saturday, 23 January 2010

Munch munch...*yawn*

Contented mode : ON

Just came back from service in City Harvest and had a totally awesome dinner and fellowship time at Murni; THE mamak of mamak-s. Roti Hawaiian and Mango Special never tasted better. I'm honestly STUFFED. Abel came with me and I was really happy to introduce him to the cell group members (at last). Image Hosted by I had my bath and washed the mamak smell out of my hair (I must really go cut my hair, it retains smells like a sponge) and am currently half dozing off...

Scratch that...I'm really dozing off. My eyes are drooping....
Anyway, before I off, let me tell you about how Facebook gave me a shock this afternoon.
Suddenly, when I was refreshing my profile page; this came up instead :-

My first reaction was ,"Aieeee!!!!Has my profile been hacked??!!!"
I went to homepage to try and I got this:-

I didn't know there was a maintenance???And Yean Shan's was perfectly fine at that time.
Weird right???But FB is running normally again for me at the moment.
I'm such a Facebook addict. Must really cut down.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Okay...enough, I really must go sleep.
Goodnight world.

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