Thursday, 7 January 2010

One week into 2010...

My goodness..already?????

*sigh*Image Hosted by

I seriously think I deserve more holidays. My classes started today. I came back to Subang early because my brother's orientation started on the 4th. And I usually follow my parents whenever I can because I can put my luggage in the car. The Kia was groaning under our extreme cramming into its booth.

But it was considered very minimal since the above includes my luggage and my parents overnight bags too. Plus I think I brought much more than that when I first went down to Subang because I was lugging books too.Image Hosted by

Well, since I was back in Subang with no classes YET and no exams looming YET; I unintentionally went back and forth Sunway Pyramid for the past 3 days. Yup, I went with family and then somehow had things to do there (those of you who already know about my 'liver failure' story will get it but if not, ask me..haha!!). Just some photos to keep this colourful..

Is there some male modelling competition going on that I don't know about?? Because I saw these two pretending to be mannequins in one of the stores in Pyramid:-
Nearly gave me a cardiac arrest because I was turning a corner and was faced right at them. There I was thinking "WHY does that mannequin look so real????" and then I noticed 'IT' was breathing..and worst..there were TWO 'it'-s. Anyway, they're going to lose if it is really a model competition..both are like shorter then me. Especially the one on the right.

Cupcake Chic has opened in Sunway Pyramid!!!!Hurray!!!!Not that I like their cuppies but their icing is simply superb. Although I am supposed to STAY AWAY from sweeties and fattening stuff. (Reminder from Yean Shan : New Year's Resolution to be a skeleton) Haha!!!Anyway, I think Louisa is simply stoked about them opening in Pyramid. Speaking of which, we both got a little high when we met up for her belated birthday dinner the other day.

GIRL, YOU'RE 21!!!!!

High because we were happily sipping on these:-

No..not drunk; but we were laughing a lot and being very merry (it was. after all, a celebratory dinner) and Afnan and Pui San cam to the boring conclusion we were both high. Haha!!! It was a really really fun meal though. :)

Okay...ending with a picture of me since SOMEBODY complained that I hardly ever put my face into my posts anymore. Here you go; in case you have forgotten what I look like anymore:-

No more ugly fringe. Weeeee!!!!!


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