Thursday, 21 January 2010

A mish-mash of an update..

Joyce finally has the time and energy to sit down and update her bloggie. And the line is working fine at the moment.

Oh, for those who were inquiring about the aftermath of previous post..the 'technicians' (turned out to be two young students) are still alive.Image Hosted by Ya, I know..temper temper. But I guess I should explain further why I was so worked up over the hostel line issue. I had tried to be patient for the last 2 weeks because I thought they were having some start-up problems and were fixing it. But it went from bad to worst and the last straw came when I saw THIS posted up on the log-in page:-
For those who are too lazy to click and enlarge it to read..this is what it says in there:-
What do you conclude from that line??? The message I got from it was; the number of times I was disconnected was ON PURPOSE???Image Hosted by Seriously..I sat there blinking a few times and trying to digest that line. Aside from the bad grammar (it should be 'disconnected'...not 'disconnect'), the total IDIOCY of it was hard to process. Honestly, who would actually want to use a line that disconnects every few minutes??!!

Bottom line : It convinced me MORONS are handling the hostel line and it made up my mind to go down and give them a good piece of my mind. It was high time somebody gave them a good FIRE-ING. And they probably concluded 'no complaints means everything is good' so I was going to disillusion them.

I won't go into detail about it anymore. Gives me the boiling feeling when I think about it. Ask Joshua, Abel or Yean Shan about it. They were amused when I told them about full incident. , Quoting Yean Shan, "Good la..they deserve it. Asking for it wan..."

The line has improved a little so I won't pay them any more VISITS for time being.
So I'll just run through the things that I've been up to while I was MIA from my blog. Honestly, I am extremely busy when in Subang. What with classes and chores and friends..I have very little time to online. Let it pour in bullet points:-

1. Attended Astro B.yond launch in Modesto's Rain. It wasn't much of an affair. Plenty of good food and free flow of drinks (including beer) but I got pretty bored towards the end. Managed to make a few new friends though and there was a pretty good drum performance given halfway through. Pui San and I quit-ed it early though. Still waiting for her to give me the pictures of that night..but here's one of mine:-
2. I have been eating at Orange (real name 1 To Eat) more times in the past two weeks than the times I ate there last year. Haha!!! Thanks to Abel who can't get enough of their tom yam fried rice.

3. I converted Yean Shan into an Ikea Meatballs believer.Image Hosted by Now I only have to mention 'Ikea' and she gives a sigh and goes, "Meatbaaaaalllss."

4. I went for the Royal Sporting House warehouse sale yesterday with Emily and Abel. We spent like 3 hours there and were so freaking exhausted for the whole day after. Neverthless, thank you Emily, for driving, and thank you Abel, for carrying our heavy stuff and sweating it out with us.Image Hosted by I got a new pair of running shoes. Another Reebok (yes, I am a Reebok fan) and I am totally in love with it!!!!

Love the soles actually. Haha!!!

I'm gonna drag my brother there today to choose his pair too. The sale is going to be on until the weekend by the way, so the chance is still there to grab some marked down quality stuff!!!

Arghh...I am feeling lazy to continue typing.
Plus I can't think what else to type
So that's all for now. I promise to try to update more frequently. Very very busy at the moment because seem to have a lot of plans ahead. Loving it this way though.Image Hosted by

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