Friday, 29 January 2010

Starbucks CNY keychain

So I met up with Louisa the Busy Working Woman.
She has been promoted and I am happy that she is enjoying her work, which is her Sabbatical from uni at the moment. I only get to see her after working hours nowadays so its always either dinner or a quick drink. This time it was a quick drink and a bite. We had quite a fun time ransacking Cotton On (talking the whole time; and I got new shorts yay!!) and rounded it off at Starbucks since I was waiting for Nat to pick me up for cell group.

Louisa had a stroke of brilliance and added 2 of Starbuck's new CNY key-chain with our Caramel Macchiato at the cashier's. So I have a new key-chain to hang about me (I still haven't figured out where to put it). Very cute with the mini little Starbucks cup hanging there. I'm a sucker for miniature things. Haha!!! :-

And after cell group, Yean Shan and I ended up having dinner at Delicious in Bangsar Village because Nat went to Bangsar to pick her hubby, Shao Hen, and we could not decide what to eat. I had Corned Beef with 'cili padi' Spaghetti :-
It was a surprisingly good combination. A tip though, next time you order Spaghetti which does not have a tomato-purre based sauce, ask for LESS olive oil on your spaghetti. Trust me, too much of a good thing sometimes isn't a good idea. We enjoyed our dinner very much though, with the merry company. Thank you Shao Hen and Nat!!!

Gosh, another food post.

Jian Yao, if you're reading this :-
Its totally not my fault you're hungry alright????Haha!!!

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