Tuesday, 26 January 2010

X-Ray Vision huh???

Finally...I can access Blogger.

*Don't bring up the hostel line issue anymore, Joyce!!!*

My water bottle pee-ed on my writing pad today. Fortunately I noticed in time and not much damage done. So my papers are air-drying as I type this. See:-
It is a useful method I learned way back when I was still a librarian in high school. Neat huh??

Anyway, the past few days have been crazily exhausting!!!
I am not kidding when I say that, once the ACCA classes resume..they just FLYYY by and it's nearly the end of January already!!! And results are looming once again...Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI feel so bored when I think about it. I am concerned about it (specially sinyce P2-Corporate Reporting went so badly) but after the exam results induced heart attacks twice yearly in the past, I have developed a sort of indifference to it. Life has to go on right???

Okayyy...bringing up results is sure to be a mood-chiller.
Let me lighten the mood and relate some interesting stuff I've heard over the days:

My P5-Advanced Performance Management lecturer Mr. Michael has a lively sense of humour and keeps us all quite attentive and interested in his classes with his examples using real life situations and cases. Today he was telling us about this camera company (for safeguarding purposes I won't mention the name) that had to recall a particular model of cameras after discovering that a glitch allowed the photographer to see-through peoples' clothing. So out of interest, I did some Google-ing and I found out that it is actually true!!!


I'm not kidding around!!!!
It is really possible and I found a site that was demonstrating this!!! This is made possible by a certain type of lens that is attached to the camera.
Source : http://www.kaya-optics.com/products/experiments.shtml

The picture taken with normal lenses:-

Picture taken with PF lens:-

The real purpose of the lenses was to take pictures in low-light conditions but obviously some people have been abusing it. Because if the lenses were used in bright light, it produces a see-through effect. It is actually quite ingenious invention (keeping in mind the real purpose of it's invention) but I wonder whatever happened to respecting other peoples' privacy huh???

SO...the moral of the story (specially to girls) is : WEAR UNDERWEAR.

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