Sunday, 31 January 2010

Baby Hammies and Durian Pancakes.

I went down to Klang with my bro to spend the weekend at my aunt's.

I used to go down for the weekends quite often in the past but recently not so much. It was good to feel the sense of family and enjoy the comforts of home that comes with it (i.e. home-cooked food.Image Hosted by I also finally got to see Yoong's baby hammies!! There are four of them and they still have not opened their eyes.

So tiny!!!

My aunt had something in store for me...she brought me to a cooking class!! She wanted to go just to learn how to make 'Deep Fried Tiger Prawns with Salted Egg' which was one of the dishes on the menu the chef there taught us. Yoong came along and we were like the youngest people in the class (meaning not married women with children ). It was really fun to learn some tips for the kitchen (Me= love cooking) and we got to taste the sample dishes. We did take some pictures but they're with my aunt and I forgot to transfer them. So can't share the joy..Image Hosted by


Anyway, Abel finally got to eat his Durian Pancake at Honeymoon Desserts in Sunway Pyramid :-
Durian Pancakes RM9.00

Cute much?? They really look like little pillows. I personally can't stand durians (the smell!!) but I put this up as a recommendation to durian-lovers who are looking for another form to enjoy their precious thorny fruits; since Abel, Joshua, Pui San and Yean Shan has swooned over it and tried to persuade me to eat it.Image Hosted by I was supposed to share the Black Sesame Cream with Louisa:-BUT...she freaked out when it arrived at the table and refused to touch "the bowl of liquid mould".Image Hosted by I don't know how anyone can not like black sesame. Ahh well, less men more share right??? Unfortunately, it was really too huge a bowl for me to finish alone. Very rich and creamy but I still think the one in Ming Court, Ipoh is better.

Oh ya, I was browsing around and I found this really nice blogshop that sells accessories. Pretty unique plus price-wise seems quite good. Do check it out girls (and guys too who need ideas for gifts)!!

Moose and Goose

Image Hosted by Should I????


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