Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Terrible line!!!

The freaking hostel line is turning on me!!!
I declare that Sunway Apartment Technicians are total MORONS...I believe they have been simply fiddling around with the settings of our hostel line. So now the internet here is like really really TERRIBLE!!!It takes me ages to load Facebook and it took me forever to get into Blogger to type this post. Suffice to say...it is impossible to even upload photos. Kills my mood to update.


And the best part is...I can't get hold of the Technician to STRANGLE him/her like my fingers are really ITCHING to do because he/she is only around from 5pm to 9pm. What kind of timing is that anyway???And they actually had the nerve to tell my brother; when he went to complain the other day; that we should be GRATEFUL for our slowww line because APPARENTLY the RM450 we pay per month for a TWIN-SHARING room does not include internet?????WHAT????WHAT KIND OF TWISTED REASONING IS THAT????

@!#S^%*&(! $%#^@^%R# $E^ #@$F^%#E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Okay..breathe Joyce..*

I am going to FIND the Technician NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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