Friday, 22 January 2010

Silver linings??

You woke up this morning feeling fully recharged, the weather is nice, you have a nice day planned ahead. You are at peace with the world. So before you go out of the room, you gussy-up, dress up for a day out, and exit your room feeling good. Your plan went as nicely as you could hope for. You are smiling as you walk back home. But halfway home, the sky turns dark and rain comes POURING down. There's no place to shelter so you just run hoping to get out of the rain as fast as possible. Puddles are splashing; Wow, there goes your new shoes. You reach home soaking wet. Your favourite shirt is sticking to you like a second skin, your hair is plastered to your head. You think, "Never mind. I had a good time at least." You change into dry things. It is still raining; so you decide to settle on the sofa for a movie. You are just getting comfortable, the movie is getting interesting...the electricity goes off. Bugger.

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Ever had a day like that??
Well, the scenario above was a combination of Emily's, Abel's and my day. Seriously. I was talking with Emily and we came to the conclusion that we started the day on a good foot and ended on a wrong note. I don't know why but the three of us had the same sort of day despite being in different places. Let me relate my side of the story:

Abel and I went to MidValley Megamall (Emily went to Pyramid) to have lunch with Michelle and were joined by Soon Ying halfway. It was good catching up with Michelle (she's always so busy) and chit-chatting. We walked around a bit and window-shopped (everything is so RED). It was a good feeling. And I had my day mapped out already. Abel and I were going to leave at 5pm as to be in good time for cell group, which starts at 6:30pm. I don't like things at loose ends, thus the mental mapping. Everything seemed to be running smoothly up till then.

But things started going downhill the moment I decided we would take the KTM commuter home. It was like a series of unfortunate events; coming upon us as if we were not meant to go to cell group. First, I forgot that 5pm would be the peak time for KTM. The MULTITUDE of people is just SHOCKING. Just horrible!!! Abel and I missed the first train because there was just NO WAY we could squash ourselves into the train so we decided to wait. We thought the crowd in MidValley was bad, but when we reached KL Central for the transit...I got an instant headache. That was unfortunate event the second. I hate crowds. I really cannot stand being surrounded,pushed and pressured by anxious beings all afraid of missing the train. We missed TWO trains this time and by the time the third train came, I was already nauseous from the noise, the smell, the heat..basically the CROWDED surroundings. It was just MADNESS.

And the cherry on top of the cake; it started raining super heavily on our way back to Subang. Now; imagine you just had a heavy lunch, and you have a headache, are nauseous, and you're made to stand in a swaying train; bumping along the tracks, for almost an hour. That was what happened to me. By the time I reached Subang, I was dizzy and ready to vomit, text-ed JeeKit to tell him not to expect me in CG(sorry!!!) , scared Abel (apparently I looked ready to die) and got drenched by the rain. Talk about sad.

Anyway, Emily came to keep me company in my room while I was lying down to get rid of the awful giddiness. It was really raining super heavy and we were talking about our day and comparing how kesian we were towards the end. Haha!!! At least we could laugh over it. It was exhausting though!!! wasn't so bad after all. There were little silver linings along the clouds.
It ended with an impromptu 'steamboat' at my place and a movie at Abel's. Sometimes being 'on-the-go' does make you feel not so boring.

p/s: Thank you JeeKit and Nat for your concern. I was really feeling terrible else I would have loved to come to CG.Image Hosted by

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