Saturday, 16 February 2008

Early rising..

Me,Sze Haw,Elaine and Abel were summoned by Chrys for breakfast. Notice how there's only ONE guy??This seems to have turned into a ritual for the breakfast gang to bring only one guy with us girls..hmm..Well,we met up at 9a.m (considered a late hour by the B Gang).Got grumbled at by Chrys because we(me,Sze Haw and Elaine) and were 'late' (we weren't OK..she was EARLY).

I think these little excursions are teaching SOME of us the importance of eating breakfast and waking up early.Image Hosted by
We're setting good example for healthy living.*hohoho*

But the REAL agenda this morning wasn't breakfast at all..Haha..I'm not going to elaborate further until I get the pictures which were taken this morning (no camera..what to do..).If I've pricked your curiosity,here's one of the few pictures I snapped with my mobile,so that you don't think I'm babbling nonsense.

What's your imagination telling you what we did this morning??*wink wink*I'll update again soon.Promise promise.Just pray that Sze Haw and Chrys will faster online and hand them pics to me.


Oh,by the way...MANGO is going to open in JJ Ipoh.Took this while looking around there during lunch hour with Elaine and Sze Haw. Not getting my hopes up...Ipoh stores always kind of disappoint me with their stock.

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