Sunday, 24 February 2008

Just something that flit through my chain of thoughts

We spend our lives working out who we are,finding a place to belong and striving to maintain or better our position.

Human Species = Homo sapiens
I always thought that those scientists who came up with that classification should delve further and come up with more branches from there. Ye
ah,yeah, I know...very cliche of me to bring up this topic. But don't tell me that you've never thought of it.

When I was younger,everyone was divided into two categories:
1. I like

2. I don't like

I wish it were still so simple.

When I was in school,there were so many cliques.Now,before you assume any point I'm making;not ALL cliques are bad.No..if not,I won't have any friends at all.You see,I was never in a clique.My friends;and by friends I mean people who are very close to me,are from different cliques or wandering nomad's of the clique world like me.No,I was never a social butterfly..flitting from one group to another.I was not,and still am not,comfortable in big groups.

Call me a social misfit. I was wary of joining cliques because I've had first-hand experience of cliques which were so fiercely territorial (putting it nicely;they thought they were superior) that they hurt the people and even hurt each other. Well,it is really thanks to them that I'm better at evaluating characters and gave me practice in sharpening my tongue (I didn't say I was made of sugar,spice and everything nice..). Believe me,there are times where I feel like a Martian.

But I don't lack friends.Like I mentioned before..not ALL cliques are bad. When I was still in secondary school,I almost never went out in groups bigger then 3 or 4. I couldn't,because I didn't want to push my friends together when they don't have much in common with each other;though they were all really great in their own way.Its OK though.Better small happy groups then a big group where you don't really know who you can trust.


I've been too idle this whole week.
If not,I won't be boring you with this weird post.

2 squeaked:

chrys said...

hey joyce. i feel you. and i like reading your weird random posts =)

chrys said...

hey joyce. i feel you. and i like reading your weird random posts =)

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