Saturday, 2 February 2008


When a celebration is approaching..
I sometimes feel like picking up a remote-control and fast-forward until the actual event.
You see,I don't really enjoy the preparations.
I'm lazy.

My mum has been in the mood to decorate the house. I didn't have the heart to deny her (actually,I didn't have a choice...) so I've been obligingly helpful (I think). So far,I've helped her choke a few bamboo plants with mini decorations,hung up some little peach lights (only to discover they weren't working anymore,so had to take them down again),position some lanterns (not easy,I assure you),and gone hunting the malls for CNY plants.

She wants these curly bamboos to put in a tall vase

BUT the ones that were for sale in JJ were "too tall".Then,she nearly settled for the tiered bamboos that were in neat rows there:-
UNTIL I pointed out the nice arrangement camouflaged some of the already rotten branches.(I said it really loudly too..oops) I think the sales assistant was calling down curses on me.

A few days ago,she came back with my favourite CNY plant:

At first they all looked like this...dark-brown branches with dark-brown buds.Pretty boring looking.So I started peeling away the dark-brown skin...
I got a bit carried away peeling the skin.When I was done..the branches looked like it blossomed in 20 minutes!!!I've heard people saying that the buds on the branches look like small cats,that's why it's called pussy-willow.But it looked more like teeny white hamsters to me.Haha...
Some of the buds fell off when my mum was arranging them in the vase..I started picking them up to throw when my mum had this brilliant idea:-
'Lets glue those buds back on the branches with Uhu glue!!!No one will notice.'

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI didn't even THINK about it.Anyway I went along with it.And she was right.You won't know that those buds had fallen off at all....

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